Light Bulbs

February 14, 2009 by

Has anyone had any success with replacing their MR16 bulbs (in the kitchen and bathroom ceiling) with either compact fluorescent or LED bulbs? I tried a cf bulb and it just didn’t provide enough light.


Google Group

February 11, 2009 by

There is now a google group set up for tenants – click here to join.

Building Assessment Fee Issue

October 2, 2008 by

The funding for the building assessment should not be divided by the number of units, but by the percentage of common interest allocated to each apartment listed under the Offering Plan. Under the introduction of the Offering Plan (pg 9. section 5) “The Board of Managers may impose special assessments in order to meet emergencies, contingencies, or other unforeseen events, which will become the financial obligation of each purchaser of a Condominium Apartment. These assessments will be levied in the direct proportion to the percentage of common interest allocated to each apartment. The reason the offering plan states this is because someone in a one bedroom should not be paying the same assessment fee as someone in a 2 bedroom or penthouse. Based on the offering plan the Board would need a majority of the unit owner’s votes to override this.

Electricity Bills

August 5, 2008 by

Anyone having issues – my latest is $479!! I’m digging into this – but I presume something is wired up badly.

Initially my apt was associated with the wrong meter – and  I was getting billed for an empty apt (btw – empty apt was $30/mth not sure how that’s possible)  when they tried to cut off power to that apt – it shut off mine, and I was without for 24hrs. They got power back on (Coned blamed the builder and vice versa of course..) and alleged to have fixed everything. However today is my first ‘clean’ bill – the rest are a combination of undercharging, catchups, & estimates…

I have the same usage patterns as my old apt in the city (and more energy efficient devices) and that was around $100/mth. The only difference is the AC unit – but i don’t believe it can account for the balance of $379..

Lighting in the common areas (another wish list item)

July 17, 2008 by

It pains me to still see all the ceiling lights on in the hallways during the daytime. Wasn’t there talk of putting this on a timer system?

I want to see our monthly charges increase as little as possible and if this helps, I think we should insist on this asap.

Air conditioning problem..

July 17, 2008 by

The AC in my apt  is  working in the bedrooms but not in the living room.  I’m on the A line – maybe just a problem on that line ?  Anyone else having AC problems ?  I have not had any success in getting a response re this or my punch list items..

Punch Lists

July 17, 2008 by

I have many outstanding items on my punch list – and I’m not getting any response – anyone else in the same boat ? This is taking too long – it’s almost 4 mths for me now..

Wish list #2

July 1, 2008 by

This may be a big deal to fix – but it seems like it would make more sense if the door to the trash/recycling room on each floor opened out instead of in. On my floor it is usually open – and is the first thing guests see when stepping out of the lift! Typically it’s open because once there are few items stacked up the door tends to have to stay open so you can get stuff in – and the super can get stuff out. This has been made worse due to all the chute blockages -but still seems like it could be a good idea anyway.

Bedford Ave Car Free – 4 Saturdays This Summer

July 1, 2008 by

For four consecutive Saturdays beginning on July 19, Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg will be closed to cars from Metropolitan Avenue to North Ninth Street from noon to 7 p.m.

More info here & here.

Pool events

June 7, 2008 by

Looks like – free pool party (bands) on Sundays & free movies on Tuesdays throughout July & August. Then a few other $ bands on various days throughout Jul & Aug.

Food/drink, lawn chairs are prohibited, and they are selling hot dogs & beer inside.

Here is the link –

Summary of what the schedule looks like so far.

Tue, Jun 10 Band – Death Cab For Cutie – Show at 7PM – 42
Fri, Jun 20 Band – Gogol Bordello – Doors at 6PM – 35
Thu, Jun 26 Band – Devo – Show at 6PM – 52
Sun, Jun 29 Pool Party – Hold Steady – 2pm-dusk – Free
Sat, Jul 05 Band – Armin van Buuren – 4:30PM – 40
Sun, Jul 06 Pool Party – Ronnie Spector – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Jul 08 Movie – Wet Hot American Summer – sunset – Free
Sun, Jul 13 Pool Party – Headline: TBA & Matt + Kim – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Jul 15 Movie – The Virgin Suicides – sunset – Free
Thu, Jul 17 Band – DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist – 6:30PM – 35
Sun, Jul 20 Pool Party – Liars – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Jul 22 Movie – Desperately Seeking Susan – sunset – Free
Fri, Jul 25 Band – Ween – Show at 7PM – 37.5
Sun, Jul 27 Pool Party – MGMT – 2pm-dusk – Free
Sun, Aug 03 Pool Party – Black Lips – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Aug 05 Movie – 28 Days Later – sunset – Free
Thu, Aug 07 Band – The Black Keys – 6.30pm – 29.5
Sun, Aug 10 Pool Party – TBA – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Aug 12 Movie – Blue Velvet – sunset – Free
Wed, Aug 13 Band – Wilco – Doors at 5pm – 39.5
Sun, Aug 17 Pool Party – Aesop Rock – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Aug 19 Movie – Velvet Goldmine – sunset – Free
Sun, Aug 24 Pool Party – tba – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Aug 26 Movie – Rushmore – sunset – Free