Stop work order..


I was looking on the DOB site here and it appears that there are three open stop work orders on our building (thx to tip from ‘impatient’). It’s a bit confusing – if you search on the DOB site under 415 Leonard it doesn’t mention any issues. However if you search under 80 Bayard – it brings up both addresses – and mentions the open stop work orders. I looked at my Purchase and Sale agreement – and it references Lot: TBD F/K/A 19 & 20 – those numbers line up with the Tax lots for each of those addresses. I guess Aqua takes up both addresses & Tax lots – and will probably be eventually replaced with one new Tax lot number. As ‘impatient’ mentioned – these stop work orders can’t be helping – to say the very least!


9 Responses to “Stop work order..”

  1. impatient Says:

    I had it from a pretty good authority that the stop work orders have been resolved and therefore closings are closer in sight. Still no timeline, but definitely a good step forward. They still show up on the DOB website, the progress will be reflected there soon…

  2. pq Says:

    Actually – I just heard back from my agent from Apts & Lofts. He mentioned the same – that the stop work orders were just resolved. He also mentioned that this is pretty normal for new buildings to have stop work orders against them. He didn’t have any updated estimate for the closing date..

  3. Allen Says:

    Thanks for the update…now I understand why nothing was done in the building for the past few months. Looking on the bright side…I’m glad the interest rates are going down!


  4. chris t Says:

    Actually, I was at the building with my agent last week and it looks almost complete other than finishing touches. She explained that aptslofts always tries to be conservative with completion dates and foreworn buyers to be flexible prior to submitting an offer (which my agent did). I think the light is near.

  5. Reverb Says:

    I would guess that you’re still a ways out from closing. In looking at the DOB status on your CofO application, the building still has 42 open items, and looks like it hasn’t been inspected yet. Once the building is inspected and you are issued a TCO, the sponsor still has to provide you with 30 days written notice of closing date. Also be aware that if the building does not pass on the first inspection, it usually takes a few weeks to get another inspection scheduled.

  6. FancyPants Says:

    Yeah, I would not get my hopes up just yet. . .
    We signed in January and were initially told move in by May/June. We are about to sign another year lease at our current place, unfortunately. No other option. On the brightside here I am, already bitchin’ with the neighbors.

  7. Allen Says:

    I’m divided as to whether curbed is going to help the Aqua residents move in any faster. I do understand not getting straight answers which is really frustrating but the online snarkiness of that site is something I don’t want to be associated with.

    Anyways, let’s hope the snail pace will turn into rabbit pace. 😉

  8. bk ex-broker Says:

    Anyone who believes Stop Work Orders are “normal” with new buildings is really biting a whole load of malarkey.

  9. carchrest Says:

    Doncha just love wikipedia? Here’s some background on the architect:

    You may recognize the name Scarano as he has done many projects in Brooklyn, including the Washington condos in Prospect Heights, which was very controversial and had a number of SWOs and delays. From the DOB site (thank you for finding it!) it doesn’t look as if he was the original architect on Aqua.

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