Stop Work Order Lifted – update via Apts & Lofts


Actually I think a couple of others spotted this today too – but Apts & Lofts kindly made contact directly to advise of this good news. Thanks very much.!

Link here .


21 Responses to “Stop Work Order Lifted – update via Apts & Lofts”

  1. lola Says:

    thanks for creating the blog. we also purchased a unit and our broker would not return our calls. very frustrating experience that drove me to these internet searches. i don’t mind unexpected delays but communication is incredibly important so you don’t feel left out on a limb when you are trying to plan out your move!! now that the stop work order has been lifted, does anyone know when the much anticipated 30 day notice will happen?

  2. pips Says:

    My lawyer called today to say the developer’s lawyer estimates a December closing. Not sure this is reliable but this is the first “hard date” I’ve heard since I was told “April or May” back in January!

  3. Allen Says:

    My lawyer got a call from the sponsor’s attorney saying that January 2008 was the estimated closing month. The only bright side to all this is the lower interest rates but overall, I’m less than pleased.

  4. MotoGP Says:

    Just noticed on the DOB site that this building is little “e” restricted with a hazmat designation. You may want to expect some additional time added into the DOB inspection process to give the green light on TCO due to this. I think a few of the bayard buildings are on little e lots.

  5. carchrest Says:

    The last 2 posts are certainly less than encouraging. We’ re going to ask our attorney to contact the sponsor to get a straight scoop. (If he comes back with Feb. ’08, then we have ourselves a little problem). We’ll keep you posted.

  6. Primo Says:

    Does anyone no exactly what the “e” restricted means?

  7. impatient Says:

    check out the link for more details, but it appears to mean one more hoop to jump through….

    The Department may not issue a building permit for: 1) Any development; 2) Enlargement, extension or change of use involving a residential or community facility use; or 3) Enlargement for any use that disturbs the soil, on tax lots that have an E designation for potential hazardous material contamination unless the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) issues a report that all environmental requirements have been met.

  8. pips Says:

    A commentor on the August 30th post ( mentions Robert Scarano Jr. associated with Aqua on the DOB site. Where is this specifically? I’ve heard very bad things about the guy, though mostly in connection with illegal loft spaces he designed (improper ceiling heights and so on) and Aqua is already designed and half-built (or more) so that shouldn’t be an issue. Still, it would be nice to know.

  9. Jai Says:

    Do yourselves a favor and look into the little “e” designation. The little “e” was assigned to all areas that were re-zoned and has, among other things, to do with noise polution. This means that the entire wall assembly including windows has to perform at a minimum designated threshold for sound transmission – sometimes refered to as OITC rating and sometimes as an STC rating. The architect of record has to sign an affidavit for DEP stating that the building does in fact meet these “e” requirements. This letter is then put in DOB file – it is i think a requirement or check off for the TCO – im not certain about this. It is possible that in order to achieve the specified STC threshold that the glass in the windows has to recieve special treatment (coating) making it substantially heavier and thereby more resistant to sound. you might want to look into this further. Not all window manufacturers are capable nor want to make this type of window. If you have an architect of record who is in hot water w/DOB then it is likely that every document will receive substantial scrutiny. Check DOB web site for status of expediting process and seek advise from an expeditor if you are unable to comprehend the meaning of some of the arcane DOB comments.

  10. carchrest Says:

    Regarding Scarano (sorry for the tardy reply), I found that he was the architect of record on the DOB link provided by another writer:

    He got a lot of bad press and in hot water for the Washington condos in Prospect Heights; he exceeded the ceiling height requirement and then had to create a step-down space. He used a type of flooring that was very easy to remove by the new owner and had to do it over again. However, he is not the original architect on Aqua so I don’t think it is going to have similar problems. The comment Jai made about the DOB scrutinizing documents on this architect because of past mishaps wouldn’t be too surprising, but who knows?

  11. Primo Says:

    I’m hearing a Dec. closing…

  12. carchrest Says:

    Primo-From whom did you hear December?

  13. Primo Says:

    Carchrest- I had my lawyer contact the builders lawyer and that was the timeframe that was given for the closing. However, I remain cautiously optimistic given their track record.

  14. impatient Says:

    I just checked the DOB website this morning and apparently a bunch of things passed review yesterday. Now there are only 22 outstanding requirements. Yea!

  15. impatient Says:

    There is now a listing for what looks like an “I “line apartment on street easy ( and it’s being listed by nestseekers. Any idea if this is someone trying to get out of their contract or if aptsandlofts threw nestseekers a bone?

  16. ah-kwa Says:

    just spoke to josh deaner, who is no longer site director for aqua. he told me there have been several developments recently, and the building is about 95% finished, with carpeting as one of the last things left to do. he also mentioned december, but didn’t promise anything. i’ll be there this weekend checking out my 6th floor apt.

  17. pips Says:

    I spoke with Josh Deaner today. He says he is still working on Aqua but didn’t mention any dates.

  18. ah-kwa Says:

    C of O to be issued in 3-5 weeks, according to Josh Deaner of Apts&Lofts… apparently all buyers will be given a 42″ plasma television as token of appreciation for bearing with them through the delays…

    more to come…

  19. tired Says:

    Does anyone have any updates? I dont have an agent so I don’t have any information. As of right now I was told to keep subletting until the end of February. I am beyond frustrated. Anyone have any other information???
    And we are required to get 30 days notice right? Thanks.

  20. ah-kwa Says:

    just heard from my mortgage broker that Aqua just received final CofO. but i haven’t heard anything from Apts and Lofts yet… the move in could be very soon…

  21. ah-kwa Says:

    ayone closed yet? anyone out there?

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