Manhattan Park Condo owners – any advice for newbies?


Hey – anyone from Manhattan Park Condo reading? Great if you want to comment – how long between when you were told the cert of occupancy would be ready and when it was actually ready – any construction issues to look out for during walk through ? Any other tips or thoughts for us newbies.. ? This was an apts & lofts effort too (maybe even same builder. ??) any comments you have would be great… Thx in advance..


3 Responses to “Manhattan Park Condo owners – any advice for newbies?”

  1. pq Says:

    A story from residents at 297 Driggs ->

    (Manhattan Park Condos) the same developer and broker as Aqua: We had an accepted bid and contract on an apt in April 2006. We were told the building/apt would be ready by July/August. We signed the contract and were told August, but really September. August and September came and then they started unbuilding the building. When we went to contract, the building looked good. It was sealed up and we thought, this should be done. Whenever we spoke to apts and lofts we were told 3 months. in July 2006 we were told 3 months, in September 2006 we were told 3 months. In November 2006, we were told December/January. We weren’t able to close until May 2007, and then the building wasn’t ready. there was no mail and no front door.
    Good Luck!

  2. lola Says:

    does anyone know if there is compensation for running over expected delivery dates? we’ve been waiting since april. aren’t they holding onto deposit money and earning interest? hopefully they go an extra mile with this building and offer some nice extras at the very least…such as on the shared sundeck.

  3. MotoGP Says:

    lola- Your attorney should be able to answer that for you if you havent asked already. date certain would be written into the offering plan if it exists at all- i posted about this before. Same goes for the deposit status, if its in an interest bearing account, your offering plan will say so. As for extra throw-ins, I wouldn’t count on a developer to go an extra mile unless he is required to do so in writing.

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