New trees planted..


Allen noticed that new trees were planted around Aqua recently.. He has a photo here:

(god… how desperate are we for news!!!)


10 Responses to “New trees planted..”

  1. ah Says:

    That’s actually huge, in my opinion. The building was desperately calling out for trees.

  2. Shaft Says:

    Hooray! We’ll be able to live in super-convenient tree houses while waiting for the CofO approval.

  3. impatient Says:

    If you’d like to visit me, I’ll be in the pool – perhaps there will be water in it by the time we move in.

  4. Union Says:

    Are you guys looking at possible January / February closings now?

  5. PRIMO Says:


  6. sailor Says:

    i have recently heard february for move in…directly from apartments and lofts. alas…

  7. ah Says:

    February!? That sucks.

    I heard walk-throughs were supposed to happen any day now.

  8. Union Says:

    I don’t think you will have any movement until a TCO is issued or is very close to being issued. I don’t think a walkthough is wise (or even possible) until the City has inspected and issued a cert or a hard date for cert delivery. On a positive note, it looks like an inspection is scheduled for 11/23/07.

  9. pq Says:

    just heard back from apts & lofts this afternoon (11/21) – apparently letters should be going out in next week or so giving us all an update – and they hope to start walk thru’s in the next 2-3 weeks. and that the developer is hoping to have cert. of occ. finalized in next 3-5 weeks. they feel like they are getting very close pending some scheduled inspections.

    doesn’t sound super solid – but a lot better news than ‘another few months’…

  10. Allen Says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop and keep us updated! I find it uncomfortable that I’m getting all this relevant information from this blog rather than the developers….

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