Update from Apts & Lofts + free Plasma TV !!!


Hi – I just got this – I believe all of us will get one of these emails/letters very soon ..  Great news – & the television is a very nice gesture!

Dear Buyer:

On behalf of Leonard Street Development LLC, we are writing to thank you for your purchase at 407-15 Leonard Street / Aqua Condominiums and to update you on the building’s construction and initial stages of the closing process.

Construction of the building is nearly 95% completed. Contractors are currently working to finish out the final phase of construction—by installing apartment finishes and appliances and putting the final touches on the lobby.

To begin closings, the property must obtain a Final Certificate of Occupancy, which is granted by passing a series of New York City Department of Buildings inspections. At this point in time the building has passed the following inspections:

•    Fire Alarm and Sprinkler
•    Electrical Systems
•    Plumbing Systems
•    Elevator

Additionally the following work has been completed:

•    Final Lobby Finishes
•    Landscaping & planting of trees on the sidewalk of the property
•    Final unit painting touch-ups
•    Final hardwood flooring finishing

The Sponsor is estimating the issuance of a Final Certificate of Occupancy by the New York City Department of Buildings within the next 3–5 weeks.

To begin the closing process, your sales agent or an aptsandlofts.com representative will contact you in the upcoming days to schedule your preliminary walk-through. Walk-throughs will begin with seventh floor buyers and systematically end with first floor buyers.

In addition, as a token of appreciation for your continued patience as the final touches are added to the building, the sponsor would like to present each buyer with a 42” plasma television.
The television will be delivered to you shortly after you have closed on your new home.

We hope you find this news as exciting as we do as we are coming around the home stretch towards completion! If you have any questions, please contact either of us or your sales agent.


Director of Product Development & Direct of Sales


13 Responses to “Update from Apts & Lofts + free Plasma TV !!!”

  1. impatient Says:

    That is fabulous news! Thanks for passing it along – you just made my week.

  2. Allen Says:

    Got my letter too!!! I can finally exhale and breathe in the scent of a new plasma.

  3. Union Says:

    I’m willing to wager $1 that the first closing will not take place until after April 1.

  4. ah Says:

    Has anyone scheduled a walk-through yet?

  5. impatient Says:

    Floors 6 and 7 and scheduling them for the week starting December 10th.

  6. Always 3 more months Says:

    I see there was no winning choice in the area; I bought at North8 — signed the contract in Sept 06 (at the time I was told move-in was for Spring 07, which I naively believed). May 07 rolled around and they said “3 months — end of Summer at the latest”. August rolled around and they said “3 months — November at the latest”. November rolled around and they said “3 months — February at the latest”. It’s ridiculous, not to mention the fact that I locked in a mortgage in the summer based on what I thought was a conservative estimate, and now I’m paying every 3 months. What really annoys me is that clearly telling me move-in was for “end of summer” in May was an outright lie. Are you aqua people getting your walkthroughs yet?

  7. arly Says:

    I understand that they’re doing preliminary walkthroughs, meaning that they have finished almost all of their work and rather than sit idle while the DOB is busy with CYA procedures, they’re asking buyers to start punch lists now. Final walkthroughs will be done later.

    Why on earth are you paying every three months? Mortgage rates have come down since the spring/summer. Get a broker.

  8. Always 3 more months Says:

    I am paying what essentially amount to points, because I locked in back in May when rates were about to go up, and I thought the place would be closing shortly. I’m growing skeptical even of a February closing at this point. This whole thing is such a racket.

  9. pips Says:

    Has anyone actually done their preliminary walkthrough?

  10. PRIMO Says:

    Can anyone Confirm???

    impatient Says:

    December 6, 2007 at 7:14 pm
    Floors 6 and 7 and scheduling them for the week starting December 10th.

  11. arly Says:

    I had mine already. It’s preliminary though, meaning that I will get another crack at it before closing

  12. ah Says:


    any chance you can provide some insight? did anyone mention when they will be done with construction (installing carpets and appliances)

    and of course the biggest question, of when closings might start?

  13. Akwa Says:

    Arly- did anything standout as needing significant work? How was the finish of the floors?

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