Preliminary walk through


Looks like some people have had a preliminary walk through..  Great if you have any feedback or info for those of us who haven’t!


27 Responses to “Preliminary walk through”

  1. impatient Says:

    We had our walkthrough already. Our punch list was pretty short and tended to deal more with items that weren’t quite finished (i.e., appliances need to be installed, some light bulbs didn’t work, etc), although there were a few things we asked them to fix. I don’t know that I paid close attention to the floors, but I do remember being told that they had been refinished and nothing struck me as being wrong with them. There was carpet in the hallway and one of the elevators was finished as I recall.

  2. JohnM. Says:

    I had my preliminary walk through yesterday and it went well. From what I can gather, the appliances and carpeting for some of the hallways are on their way some time soon and their absence should not hold us up. What is crucial (now that all inspections have been passed) is that the developer tie up loose ends with the building department so that a final c of o may be issued. I have been rather incredulous in hearing past updates since I suppose early in the Summer but I do now believe the developer and broker when they say the c of o is literally day to day (and by checking with my architect and the building dept. website). Let’s hope I’m right!

  3. carchrest Says:

    Thanks for the postings on this. While the appliances aren’t crucial to CofO, do the developers have them?

  4. Allen Says:

    it seems strange that we are doing walkthrus when the appliances are in yet….

  5. Allen Says:

    I meant: “aren’t in yet”

  6. PRIMO Says:

    From what understand Allen, all the appliances have warranties and the clock on the warranty starts to tick as soon as they are installed. I would say they should be installed by the time we do our final walk throughs.

  7. ah Says:

    I just heard from my mortgage broker that they were updated on closings being another 30-40 days away…not a good Christmas present.

    Has anyone else heard anything?

  8. carchrest Says:

    Only update we’ve had was about 1 week ago from A&L that walk thrus for our floor (3) would be scheduled after Jan. 1. Have no new news on closings.

  9. ah Says:

    So, I did my first walk-through this past Monday. No carpets yet on my floor, but they are in the building and waiting to be installed. The appliances are coming at the very end, is what I was told. I noticed some poorly installed trim in the kitchen, but that was really about it. Does anyone know anything more concrete about how the units are set up for ethernet? I know that there is a network hub or something located in the closet. But might just be for cable and phone?

    “Closing notices in the next week or so”

  10. carchrest Says:

    We are on the 3rd floor and doing our walk-through this Friday (1/4). Will keep you posted…

  11. Allen Says:

    I had my walk-through today. For the most part, the unit looked good. The floors were level, the kitchen cabinets looked good. The windows are quite nice…a real step up from cheap windows I’ve seen in many places. My friend who went with me said that the flooring planks are wider than typical planks.

    Some of the paint was a bit slapdash and there was paint drips on the floors. There were some light scuffs on the walls. There was 1 big nick on the corner of the kitchen island. The worst thing I saw was a big paint mess in the bathtub. It looks like they were washing brushes in the bathtub which boggles my mind.

    Overall, I’m pleased and it looks like the C of O was issued according to Josh. We are really close….(i hope…)

  12. pq Says:

    Just had mine – some of the issues i had were a leaking kitchen sink, the bathroom was missing some fixtures + there were a few tiling issues. One of the kitchen cupboards hydraulics wasn’t set up- and hinge was misaligned. Issue with skirting around the kitchen island. Also in general it really needs a good clean. Overall apart from that looks good – once my issue list is fixed up & the incomplete/missing stuff is sorted out it should be great..

  13. carchrest Says:

    Has anyone brought along an inspector on their first walk through?

  14. pips Says:

    Had my walkthrough recently (no inspector). Waste of time since the unit isn’t near done. No electrical outlets, no appliances (obviously), floor still unfinished, no power so nothing could be turned on, no kitchen faucet, and so on. A rep from the developer was there and every time I pointed something out I was told, “Don’t worry, we’re working on that, it’s not done.” So why are you showing it to me, then? What do you expect me to say? I asked when my closing might be. “Late February at the earliest.” Hmmm, been down this road before. That means late March at the earliest, I think. But most other units I peeked into seemed farther along than mine, so others may be luckier?

  15. carchrest Says:

    pips-what floor are you on?

  16. impatient Says:

    “Overall, I’m pleased and it looks like the C of O was issued according to Josh. ”

    I can’t find any evidence of this on the DOB website. Has anyone else received notice that the C of O was issued?

  17. pips Says:

    4th floor — I was told (by Josh Deaner) that the C of O has been issued but I haven’t looked on the DOB site. So now they’re working on tax issues and just generally cleaning everything up and putting things back together. C of O means the city says the building is livable? But not my unit, from the looks of it! I was told my unit is behind most of the others and it certainly seemed that way when I looked around.

  18. carchrest Says:

    Our walk through went fairly well yesterday. Nothing too surprising. There is a crack and small chip in the marble ledge in the master bath, which is not good. There is 1 coat of finish on the floors and they said there will be another.

    They had a rep from the developer there who has been working on the building and he was very helpful and friendly. He will also be there during move in and a bit after, I believe. Everything else is minor and can be fixed or completed easily. I was surprised that it was as clean as it was, given that they haven’t done the actual cleaning.

    Heater was on in the LR, and believe me, it works just fine. Heater works in the MBR, but was not in the guest BR, which can be fixed. 99% of the lights work, all the convenience outlets work. Water and pressure is fine, but the shower heads are loose. Hot water is on and is pretty quick to heat. However, water is centralized, so I’m curious about how it will work with all of us there.

    Found out the that the place is wired for ethernet. Sorry, not sure what that means and what to look for exactly, but when I asked they said yes-someone on the blog wanted to know.

    They do have the CofO but are awaiting the tax division assignments (I think that’s right) which have been filed and once assigned, they will have the move in schedule. Its any day-no specific date.

  19. tired Says:

    I was told to keep subletting until the end of February. Has anyone heard any better or worse news? Also aren’t we supposed to get 30 days notice? This is crazy, thanks.

  20. ah Says:

    Does anyone want to hazard a guess or have any idea why the building department indicates that 415 Leonard/80 Bayard does not have a C of O Application on File according to their website?

  21. Akwa Says:

    probably because they do not have it yet.

  22. Shaft Says:

    The outstanding requirements for the CofO just dropped from 17 to 16 on the DOB site. The “BPP: FINAL SIGNOFF” is complete! Whatever that is. I find it hard to believe that the CofO has been issued if they are still making incremental updates to the List of Required Items.

  23. PRIMO Says:

    Has there been any update on the Tax Abatement Status???? was it approved and for how long??

  24. Akwa Says:

    BPP= builders pavement plan

  25. Shaft Says:

    The final CofO has been issued. See the DOB web site:


  26. Readyalready Says:

    Thanks for the CofO link Shaft.

    I am confused. We were told by our broker that the tax abatements were approved prior to us signing our contract and that the abatement would kick in “day one” so you wouldn’t have to pay taxes for the fiscal year.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    What are we waiting for in regards to the “tax forms that were filed”?

  27. carchrest Says:

    The tax abatement has been approved. My understanding is that the developer is awaiting the decision on the tax lot divisions, which divides each condo into its separate tax lot.

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