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Hi – these could be useful to people.

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A checklist here – here

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22 Responses to “Links – tips for doing your walk through..”

  1. carchrest Says:

    I lieu of having an actual inspector with us, we found this list that could be helpful:

  2. ah Says:

    So, the last time I visited my unit, I was told that there isn’t a vent in the utility room for the dryer, that I should just look into a ventless dryer. I’ve looked around a bit on the internet, and it seems like this is definitely possible. However, I am just a bit curious as to whether or not anyone else out there thought about this before now. I just assumed that we would be getting a conventional utility room. Of course, I never thought to ask. The other option is to get a combo washer/dryer, which doesn’t really appeal to me.

  3. readyalready Says:

    Hey ah-there are really units you can buy–went to p.c. richards.

    There is a Bosch, Meile, and another.

    We purchased the Bosch-the Meile is a bit more expensive due to the “honeycomb” shaping in the dryer which is supposed to be better on your clothing over time.

    The problem with ventless dryers is that they are removing the condensation, so they take longer to dry. The separate units are much faster; we have a number of friends with the combined w/d and they said it takes around 3 hours to dry clothes.

    Hope this helps.

  4. ah Says:

    Thanks for the tip, readyalready. I’m still a little annoyed that I have to buy a more expensive dryer because of something that I just didn’t think to ask about ahead of time.

  5. readyalready Says:

    Hear you on that. We did ask, but most of the new buildings are ventless, if that makes you feel any better.

    Have you heard back on closings or when the appliances would be in-we need to get our appraisal done here pretty quick to keep our lock we just got.

  6. ah Says:

    Marginally better, thanks.

    I heard “a week or so” yesterday, for appliances. My application is set to expire in a week, but I haven’t locked anything yet. I’ve sorta been working to see if I can close by the end of the month. So far, no one has laughed in my face, but no promises have been made either.

  7. Shaft Says:

    I’ve been looking into laundry options for a while. After a bit of research I also think the best option is to go with a stand-alone ventless (condenser) dryer. The prospect of venting a lot of hot air and moisture into the apartment seems to be a recipe for disaster–I imagine mildew and respiratory issues could soon follow. There are some makeshift devices that claim to allow the use of traditional vented dryers in non-vented rooms, but they do little more than bubble the hot exhaust over a pool of water. This might remove some of the lint and moisture, but it does nothing to reduce the residual heat.

    The main complaint against condenser dryers is that they require longer drying cycles than vented units. Some models also require the periodic emptying of a condensate collector tray. Others are designed to drain the directly into the washer’s drain line. This seems to be the better option if you intend to buy a matching washer or are willing to get a little creative with the drain-line plumbing.

    Since condenser dryers are most common in Europe the main manufacturers tend to be European as well. This implies a price premium. Bosch and Miele seem to be the leading manufacturers of condenser dryers available in the U.S.

    If there is enough interest from other Aqua buyers it might make sense to approach a local vendor with a bulk order. Maybe we can strike a favorable deal if a group of residents can agree to purchase a particular model or a stacked washer/dryer pair. Heck, we already have matching TVs…

  8. pq Says:

    I’d be interested in that.

  9. Allen Says:

    Yes, i’d be interested too. Is there any info about how green these washer/dryers are?

  10. PRIMO Says:

    I’d be interested …thanks

  11. ah Says:

    I would be interested as well. In answer to Allen’s question, they don’t seem to be all that green, but then again, clothes dryers are not inherently green anyway. I don’t believe you can even get a dryer that is energy star compliant.

  12. Allen Yee Says:

    Here’s a link about green choices for washers and dryers. Yea, it looks like dryers do not come with an energy star. ;(

  13. readyalready Says:

    Any news on closings / appliances anyone?

  14. green Says:

    My rate lock expired as well……the good news is that rates have fallen significantly since the last time i met with my mortgage broker. lower rates, lower payments, worth the wait

  15. carchrest Says:

    readyalready-we were informed that appliances will be installed next week

  16. pips Says:

    I had been warned about the ventless dryer situation by a knowledgeable friend. On my “preliminary walkthrough” (tour of a half-finished apartment) I saw that there was a ceiling fan / vent in the utility room. I asked, “Is this a vent for the dryer?” and was told, “Yes.”

  17. PRIMO Says:

    i noticed that vent in my apt also i thought the same. is
    there any way that that can be as a vent fro the dryer?

  18. Allen Yee Says:

    I have to agree with green. The only good thing about all of this waiting is the decreasing interest rate….significant savings per month. It might be as low as 5.5% for a 30 year fixed.

  19. ah Says:

    I agree with you all, but I assume you’re paying rent like I am- month to month. How long will it take to recoup the money you’re spending on that with the lower interest rate?

  20. Allen Yee Says:

    Yeah, I kind of lucked out…my friend is letting me stay at his place indefinitely at a pretty cheap month to month rate.

  21. impatient Says:

    Do the vents go outside? I don’t recall seeing any vents when you look at the outside of the building. While venting outside is ideal, clothes dryer exhaust can cause major problems within a structure if not properly vented. One is a fire hazard with respect to the massive quantities of fabric lint dust. The second is mildew. The dryer pumps a large amount of humid air with each load of laundry that is dried. This warm, moist air is exactly what mildew thrives on.

    The blower motor within a dryer can only push the moist air so far. If you exceed this limit, the dryer will not dry clothes properly and the vent piping can clog easily with lint (and create that fire hazard). The length depends on the type of venting (rigid or flexible) and the number of 90 degree turns.

    I’ve been looking at the Bosch Axxis Condensation Dryer and Miele condenser dryers. Yes, they’re more expensive, but I don’t know that the vented models will work with our setups.

  22. readyalready Says:

    We checked before purchasing–there are no vents-have to use non-vented dryers. Miele is supposed to be higher quality, but is somewhat more expensive than the Bosch.

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