C of O has been issued!!


Thx for update (and link) shaft.!  Not sure what this means for move in dates etc.. but either way sounds like great news to me.


5 Responses to “C of O has been issued!!”

  1. Allen Says:

    YAY!!! This is great.

  2. impatient Says:

    Did anyone else’s attorney receive this notice? Mine received it about two weeks ago…


    Re: 415 Leonard Street Condominium

    To: All Representatives of Purchasers in the 415 Leonard Street Condominium:

    Please be advised that the Sponsor has procured (i) a Final Certificate of Occupancy for the building (ii) Attorney General approval declaring the Offering Plan Effective and (iii) effective real estate tax abatement (copies attached). We expect to send 30 day Notices to Close shortly. Please have your client contact their mortgage broker if they are obtaining financing.

    Walk-Throughs and Condo Questionnaires: Please have your client contact Corrine Troia of Apts and Lofts (Tel. 718.384.4402 fax 718.384.4432 email: ‘ctroia@aptsandlofts.com’) to coordinate walk-throughs, punch lists, etc. The broker will also assist in filling out condo questionnaires required by the Lender.

    Master Insurance Policy, etc.: For all property insurance related requests (i.e, insurance certificates, copies and addendums to the Master Insurance Policy, etc). please contact Miliza of Alwex Insurance Co. Tel. 212-962-7930 ext. 220 meliza@alwex.com or Harvey ext. 230 harvey@alwex.com.

    Closing Costs: As per the Offering Plan, in addition to Purchaser’s title, mortgage, transfer tax, legal fees, and standard adjustments, Purchaser is responsible to pay the following:

    $1,500.00 to Leonard Street Development, LLC

    $950.00 to Jacob Deckelbaum Esq.

    2 months maintenance charges payable to The 415 Leonard Street Condominium

    [Mortgage tax credit to Leonard Street Development, LLC]

    Jacob Deckelbaum, Esq.
    4203 13th Avenue
    Brooklyn, New York 11219
    Tel. 718.438.0786
    Fax. 718.436.5237
    Email: jacob@reliableabstract.net

  3. ah Says:

    Yeah, I got a copy from my attorney two weeks ago as well. Did you happen to read all of the amendments attached? Nickels and dimes…but it would have been nice to get better communication on the changes being made, and how much it was going to cost us.

  4. impatient Says:

    I didn’t get any of the attachments, just the letter. What kinds of things are you referring to?

  5. pq Says:

    My attorney got my 30 day notice Jan 24th. I just found out today – i was a bit annoyed he didn’t tell me sooner – but he thought that I was sent a copy as well – but unfortunately I hadn’t received anything…

    So if anyone has not received anything – check in with your attorney – they may have it already… !

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