Some people verified that those apts with washer/dryer rooms  (don’t know if every apt has one? ) – are not suitable for standard dryers.

I just contacted apts & lofts to double check – and confirmed the same. We do need to get condensation/ventless dryers.  The room is not designed for standard dryer.

Shaft mentioned that if enough of us wanted to get the same dryer (there are only a couple of choices it seems) -we may be able to order together & get a bulk discount – seems like it could be good idea.

Please post if you are interested in a bulk deal – there are about 4 or 5 expressed interest already..


38 Responses to “Dryers”

  1. ah Says:

    Would it make sense for the sponsor to buy them? And tack it onto our offering plan? Just food for thought, I’m not saying it’s a good idea.

  2. b.k. Says:

    I would be interested in a bulk deal.

    As an aside, I currently have a Bosch condensation dryer in my apartment and haven’t had any problems with it. Not making a recommendation since this is my only point of comparison, but just tossing it out there. It does seem to take longer to dry items than a traditional dryer, but that is the only noticeable difference.

  3. carchrest Says:

    We’ve been doing some research on new condenser dyers and this is what we’ve found:

    Bosch Axxis Plus: washer and dryer is stackable. Washer self-heats the water, which means it won’t pull hot water from the spout (which we have in the room), but pulls cold water and then heats it, prolonging the wash cycle time and thus using more energy. Washer dryer combo costs approximately $1600 (before tax, delivery, install).

    Miele Condenser dryer (model T8012C) and washer (W3033): nice units, will pull hot water, but is about $3300 combined (before tax, delivery, install). This was the price at a little high-end appliance store on the UES and at PC Richards in Union Square.

    Next option is to go with a conventional, non-condenser set-up, but use a “venting kit” that will do the venting for the dryer. We talked to the guy at PC Richards and he said that a lot of people in NYC using the kit, that it works well, and doesn’t impact drying time. The only drawback is that it might still be a bit moist in the room. However, there is fan in the room and, if its still on the moist side, we can get a dehumidifier. When we rented an apartment in SF, our 110 volt dyer that came with the place had a “kit”: it was a dryer tube with the sock on the end. The dryer wasn’t that great due to the low power output, but the venting part worked. I’m hopeful that a properly installed kit would do a good job.

    We’ve done no further research on the kit, but are swayed to go that way. We can get a really nice stackable for a good price and end this search.

  4. lni Says:

    hi. we’d be interested in a bulk deal but i guess we need to do some research as well. posting research here is great! thank you…

  5. ah Says:

    that’s great information, carchrest. thanks.

  6. PRIMO Says:

    carchrest thanks for the advice….
    i looked up “venting kits” and found a couple. I tried to look in the Consumer Report 2008 buyers guide to read the reviews but it was not listed.
    I pasted a couple of links below if anyone is interested.

    1. http://www.shophometrends.com/product.asp?pn=016124&bhcd2=1201542003

    2. http://www.dundasjafine.com/products/proflex/indoordryerventkit.html

    3. http://www.american-appliance.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4

    4. http://www.improvementscatalog.com/product/204952.do?cm_ven=GoogleAdAuto&cm_cat=Laundry_Maintenance&cm_pla=Indoor_Dryer_Vent&cm_ite=204952zz&code-macs=MP5WGGL

  7. PRIMO Says:

    here are a couple of reveiws from Amazon


  8. Allen Yee Says:

    I’m interested in a bulk deal if it’s the Bosch Axxis Plus (condensation dryer). The Miele is a bit too high for me.

    I’m not too enthusiastic about a conventional dryer and hooking up a venting kit. I’m just envisioning a litany of problems with lint buildup and moisture.

  9. ah Says:

    Does anyone else out there have a friend or seen the kit used with a conventional dryer? I’ve heard of several situations where it’s been used with minimal problems. I am starting to think that it is a viable option.

  10. J'er Says:

    Concerned the venting kits will cause the rooms to become to damp and may relate to mold growth on the sheetrock. These walls in the washer/dryer room are not green board like bathrooms so may not resist the moisture too much. I’d rather not have an issue and just get it done right, keep us updated on the bulk deal

  11. J'er Says:

    These walls are not green board and may cause an issue with mold

  12. carchrest Says:

    We would be interested in a bulk deal as well, but now that the vent kit concept has opened up the options (so we’re not in Bosch or Miele-only corner), it might be a good idea to pool everyone that is interested in purchasing units from one store. That is, if 15 owners (for example) commit to buying from the same store (like a PC Richards), perhaps they could cut us a break and treat it as a “bulk deal”. We’d probably get a better deal if all those in the pool ordered the same brand, but at least we might have a chance at getting a less-than-retail price and everyone can pick what they want. Just an idea.

    PRIMO-thanks for the research on kits!

  13. PRIMO Says:


  14. ah Says:

    I’ve heard pretty much the same thing.

  15. carchrest Says:

    We got the same thing today

  16. impatient Says:

    I went to PC Richards yesterday (86th St) and while they had the Bosch Axxis washer and dryers, they wouldn’t offer a group discount. They did say that they were running a special of 10% off the price which wasn’t advertised, so if you go, ask about it. Their delivery charge is $50 for the first item and $15 for each item after that. He said because of union rules, we would each have to pay for our own shipping as well and couldn’t group all of our purchases together. Besides being rather unhelpful, I got they feeling that they didn’t know much about the appliances.

    Someone mentioned that they were looking for the Axxis plus – PC Richards had one on the floor, but it has been discontinued and is no longer on the Bosch website either.

    So instead I bought the Bosch set from US Appliances online http://www.us-appliance.com/boschdryers.html. The prices were cheaper than PC Richards, and they’re currently running free shipping (although there’s a $30 processing fee) through today/Sunday. Since they’re out of state you also saving on taxes. The site says it will take 3 weeks to ship and the shipping agent will call to schedule the drop off. The downside is that this approach will require self installation, but I’m not worried about that.

    All in it was just under $2,000. I got the washer (WFL2090UC), dryer (WTE86300US) and stacking kit with the drawer (WTZ11300US).

    I feel a bit weird mentioning this, but after placing the order, I received an email that if you reference my order (order usappliance-62511) , I’ll get $50 back. This is not why I wrote this post, but hey, who am I to sneeze at $50? If someone else orders from there, perhaps they should post their order number so they could benefit from the next purchase.

    “You can also take advantage of our customer referral program to earn $50! Tell your family and friends about US Appliance. Ask them to mention your name, and/or order number, in the comments section of the order form and we’ll mail you a check for $50 on any order over $500!”

  17. ah Says:

    Has anyone gotten confirmation that their appliances have been installed?

  18. Allen Says:

    This really blows. You would think that they would understand that grouping purchases together would save them and us money and resources.

    I may buy from Lowes…

  19. carchrest Says:

    We haven’t checked Lowes out-may be a good idea as they’ll likely know about the venting kit hook-up.

    We’ve scheduled our closing date for March 6.

  20. Allen Says:

    My mortgage broker won’t let me schedule a closing until the appliances are in. Have all of the appliances been installed?

  21. impatient Says:

    I was told that the appliances are being delivered tomorrow and put in next week.

  22. ah Says:

    So, I’m never shopping at PC Richards again. I’ve heard that they messed up the delivery of the appliances, and while I have my dishwasher and stove, the fridge is still on a truck somewhere…

    Good luck everyone, on their closings.

  23. ah Says:

    I reread that, and thought it may have sounded like sarcasm. I really do mean good luck.

  24. carchrest Says:

    Has anyone scheduled their close prior to March 1?

  25. impatient Says:

    yes, why?

  26. carchrest Says:

    Just curious.

    We purchased a non-condensing unit today-Whirlpool Duet from Lowes. They had a good $200 rebate and a $75 rebate for the delivery fee so we grabbed it. The rebate is only good through today (2/10). We’ll be buying a venting kit for it. Worked with Marc Scholnik at Lowes and he was great.

  27. ah Says:

    Is anyone moving in this weekend? (I think I will be on Monday)

  28. impatient Says:

    I understand people from two apartments are moving in next Friday.

    Hey pq, can we start a new thread about move ins? I think we may have exhausted the dryer debate.

  29. pq Says:

    I bought a whirlpool conventional dryer with a venting kit (kit basically just captures lint – does that well), and it all seems to be working out fine.

    With the exhaust fan on and laundry door open the humidity build up is noticeable in the laundry room (but much less so than the impact of a hot shower in the bathroom ) – & it is mildly noticeable & in fact somewhat welcome in the rest of the apt – as the apartment seems to have naturally very low humidity.

    I expect if you were drying back to back loads daily it might be a more an issue but with just a few loads a week (no more than one a day) I expect it will be more than fine. Some small amount of condensation does occur on the floor around the venting kit so I expect I will give a wipe up after each use but that seems a minimal price to pay.

    The humidity/condensation might be more noticeable in summer but I expect not enough to be an issue.

  30. js Says:

    I just moved into 6D and bought the Bosch Axxis and it seems that the plug does not fit the outlet…did anyone else have this issue? Is it something that can be fixed or do I need to return the dryer? Thanks for your help!


  31. wodny Says:

    It’s easily fixed. We have the same dryer. You need to pick up the correct receptacle from Home Depot and replace the one in the wall. The required wiring is already in the wall. The part shouldn’t cost more than $20. If you’re not comfortable doing the electrical work, let me know. It’s a quick (one beer) job.

  32. js Says:

    That is amazing news. I was already picturing having to return the dryer. Electrical work is not my forte, so I may just take you up on the offer (and our fridge is full of beer).

  33. JM Says:

    I moved into 2f and purchased the LG all in one washer/dryer combo. It’s ventless, saves space (just one unit) and a great energy conserver.

  34. wodny Says:

    JS – Before you buy the receptacle please verify which plug you have on your dryer cord by checking the following chart: http://www.frentzandsons.com/Hardware%20References/plugandreceptacleconfiguratio.htm#30%20Amp It should be one of the 30 Amp parts.

    I’m 99% sure you need the 14-30R receptacle. This matches the 14-30P plug (P=plug, R= receptacle) that should be on your dryer. The part should look like this: http://www.twacomm.com/catalog/model_278.htm I know they had them in stock at the UES Home Depot lat time I was there.

    I’m traveling this week but will be back in NY Saturday Afternoon.

  35. jm Says:

    Thanks for the information. I researched the machine before moving in and it’s compatible with the plug in regular plug in the laundry closet. The washer/ dryer combo arrived a week ago and work perfectly. Great investment and fits perfectly in the closet, allowing for extra closet space!

    BTW- LG Washer/ dryer is available at Best Buy in three models…

  36. js Says:

    Thanks, wodny. We got the right one, and I would love your help putting it in if you’re around…the guy at Home Depot all but promised me I’d get electrocuted installing it.

  37. wodny Says:

    I’ll see if I can do it Saturday afternoon–If my flight works out and you’re around etc. No electrocution necessary.

  38. js Says:

    We’re here all day…that would be amazing.

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