New websites..



First off – thx to everyone who has contributed to this blog and helped out so far – I have found this to be very informative & quite therapeutic!

A friend of mine in a similar boat to us (different condo) asked me to set something up for him – so I did – but I made it scalable somewhat – so anyone who had bought in to any condo could use it.. It’s called feel free to spread the word to anyone you know in a similar situation – or if they have set up a blog or forum somewhere I’d be happy to put a link in – to help them reach the other buyers.. (I’m not sure what reach we have here – I’m guessing around 60-70% of buyers know about it – I think some significant amount of buyer readership is required for something like this to be useful..)

Also – once we are all done and moved in – hopefully soon – I suspect this particular forum will be less useful (maybe not – we’ll see – i won’t shut it down). In any case I set up a ‘classifieds’ site for aqua –– where anyone can ‘post’. I guess it could be used kind of like a bulletin board in the lobby would be used, for selling stuff – or general notices etc. There is a link to it sidebar of this site.



One Response to “New websites..”

  1. b.k. Says:

    The thanks goes to you for setting this up. It has been extremely useful.

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