Moving in..


Looks like some folks are moving in.. Any news /updates or issues encountered ? Would be great to hear about it..


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  1. ah Says:

    I did my final walk-thru yesterday. Everything looked pretty good. All the appliances were in my unit, but I think mine was in because of my early-ish closing date (today!) That Sub-Zero is really quite nice.

    Anyway, I’ll be moving in sometime over the weekend. I was told we will have access to the parking area to unload, which is a plus. (this feels weirdly like first day at college) They’ve got a guy who will be around most of the time during move-ins to make whatever final adjustments and fixes are necessary until the management plan is in place.

    Can’t think of anything else useful or interesting at the moment.

  2. Bop Says:

    That is awesome! Do you know if the hot water system was turned on/working? I know the water was warm but not hot… Not sure if there is a problem or they have kept the temperature on low in the construction phase.

  3. carchrest Says:

    We did our final walk through on Tuesday and it went fairly well. All appliances had just been installed, which was great. However, compared to first walk through, we noticed some scratches on the cabinets around the appliances that weren’t there last time, probably due to install, so just a heads up to everyone to look out for that.

  4. novatrav Says:

    Has anyone contacted Time Warner for installation? As of the other day, they did not have the building listed.

    Also – what official address are people using for their change of address? Is it 407 Leonard, 415 Leonard, or 407-15 Leonard?

  5. ah Says:

    What zip code did you put in? Apparently, 415 Leonard is in 11222, not 11211 as I have seen on other documents. I just checked, and they seemed to have it in their database.

  6. J'er Says:

    based on mapquest and dob website we are in 11222 zip code, not 11211. On a positive note our taxes will kept down being in Greenpoint and hey the schools are better…..

  7. carchrest Says:

    I checked the US Postal Service website and they have it as 11222, not 11211.

  8. ah Says:

    do we need a new blog then? 🙂

  9. readyalready Says:

    has anyone measured the height of the counter from the floor? Need to order some barstools-just an FYI if you haven’t, West Elm is having a columbus day sale-print out the coupon (20% of purchase over $500 and 10% for less).

  10. carchrest Says:

    novatrav-called and scheduled Time Warner-they had our address as viable and I used 415 Leonard.

  11. ah Says:

    anyone else moving in soon? the only sound i hear in the building is the smoke detectors beeping…

  12. lni Says:

    we’re moving in tomorrow! did our walk thru today and most things looked pretty darn good actually. Moses who works for the sponsor was very helpful! there is also a doorman there already named Luis who works from 9 to 5 M-F. most items on our preliminary walk through were taken care of. a few floor scratches to fix from appliance installation most likely. water is not getting totally hot yet but i was told that would change over time. the address is officially 415 Leonard, 11222.

    best wishes to those getting ready to move!

  13. Rale Says:

    We are thinking of buying here (with a small baby). How spacious does a 2 bd feel and what is the quality like, does it seem like a long-lasting investment? How about the amenities, any impressions or thoughts yet?

  14. Rale Says:

    In any case, I think having nice neighbors is very important and the people here seem really nice – 20 Bayard did not give the same impression…. Any other people with babies that bought here?

  15. ah Says:

    readyalready- you’d want to order counter height stools not barstools. i believe it is the typical height of a kitchen counter – 36 inches.

    i’m actually going with a dining table rather than counter seating…i don’t think there’s room for both (at least not in my 1 bedroom configuration)

  16. ah Says:

    also, i don’t know why they’d skimp here, but the refrigerator isn’t hooked up for water. i’m thinking of hiring a plumber to put in a line. anyone with thoughts?

  17. Bop Says:

    did you bring that up during your walk through why it was not hooked up? did they say anything? A spicket is there for it

  18. ah Says:

    I’ll have to ask about it. I didn’t remember seeing a connection when I did my prelim walk-thru. Thanks for the input.

  19. Bop Says:

    Has anyone who moved in got their 42′ TV?

  20. pips Says:

    I’m still waiting for a closing date. Called my attorney today. He’s waiting to hear from the sellers’ attorneys. Zzzzz. . .

  21. lni Says:

    as an aside, we used Rabbit Movers to get here and they were fantastic!

    so far very happy with the apartment! everything looks great!

  22. impatient Says:

    I spoke to Moses today at Aqua and he mentioned that the proper set up is there for the icemaker, but that we would have to hook it up if we wanted it.

  23. carchrest Says:

    Impatient-I think we’ll need to take that up with the management company-I think that answer is unacceptable from Moses (as nice as he is). It isn’t properly installed so it needs to be. Also, those fridges are massive and need to be put back properly and as level.

    Rale-We’re expecting our first in June and we think the 2 bedroom works well (its bigger than our current 2 bedroom, which was bigger than our last 2 bedroom, etc.). Also, the 2nd bath is a major plus for the new addition, I think.

  24. Bop Says:

    Everything on the pre-lim and final walk thru should be checked and made sure it is fixed. Take the time to check electrical outlets, light switches to outlets (bring a small plug in light with you), make sure all appliances are functioning (turn the stove, dishwasher and fridge on), turn water on in laundry room, check all exhaust fans, HVAC blower in apt (is it heating and cooling the apt)…….. Once the apartment is closed, the sponsor is no longer responsible for anything in your apartment unless it is put in “good faith” writing at closing or $ is put in an escrow account until it is done correctly. The management company is responsible for managing the building and the maintenance outside of the apartment walls; don’t let the sponsor push back if something is not done correctly. I do agree that the water should be hooked up to the fridge, the same as gas is hooked up to the stove. The overall quality of the building is excellent, it is new construction with poured concrete and the detail of the craftsmanship is very good!

  25. impatient Says:

    Carchrest – I agree that they should have connected the icemaker line, however, I think that the issue is with the developer and not the management company. Since I already closed, I don’t really think I can make the request. My loss is your gain in this area.

  26. carchrest Says:

    Impatient-I think you and Bop are right.

  27. lni Says:

    some info that may or may not be helpful?

    some issues to check on based on our experience living in the building so far: shower/bath is not hitting hot temps just yet (warm for sure), the heater is something to learn –still fidgeting with it and returning back to the manual.

    we did some research on ventless dryer/washer combos. based on a reviews and a friend’s experience with this product, we went with LG WM3988HWA from PC Richards ($1799 +199 5 year warranty). need to check with moses on water connect in utility room.

    the appliances are quite amazing i must say…

  28. Bop Says:

    Ini is the MGT company and/or the developer getting involved in the hot water issue? I was there this wknd and the water was hot, but the weeks before it was warm. Is someone professionally handling it or they doing trial and error?

  29. lni Says:

    it has been off and on with us too. i’m kind of testing it day to day. i believe they are doing things in the building still. for example, i couldn’t get hot water at about 1:00pm. i will report it soon if it continues to be an issue but for those moving in, it may be something you check out as well just in case it’s just our apartment.

  30. pq Says:

    hey lni – thx for info about that machine.. where did you find reviews on the dryer..? i wasn’t able to find any.. this lg sounds like a good option – but i have had some experience with ventless combo washer/dryers in europe (not this model specifically) – and they didn’t ever fully dry the clothes -did your friend mention anything about that ? thx!

  31. Asha Says:

    This is also a good cheap option to test the outlets – it also checks if the socket is wired up properly.

    You can also buy this kind of thing at most hardware stores

  32. lni Says:

    regarding lg washer/dryer combo:
    probably can’t find reviews because this is the newer version of a previous model: LG WM3431HW. i went by previous reviews and the review of a customer inside the store who owned the LG3988 model.

    my friends have an infant and they loved this combo (so far). they didn’t mention issues with drying. the bosch is another good choice but they are in two pieces and we liked the space saving aspect. we did a test run last night and our clothes turned out great. one thing to consider…it has a 3 1/2 hour cycle time but the counter to that is that it has a larger capacity for washing and drying. there is also a smaller LG (the unit below this one in most of the reviews) but it has a much smaller capacity. i think maybe that’s why they made the larger unit.

    with this LG, also consider that the drying capacity is half the washing capacity so it is best to either: wash half capacity loads or wash full capacity loads but pull items that can hang dry or wait for the second drying cycle.

    consumer research rated LG the best for washer/dryer combo:

    good luck in your search!
    oh, and moses says you just punch out the hole where the water connections are and there’s your drain.

  33. pips Says:

    Aqua mentioned peripherally in the real estate section of the Times today.

    Interested to hear if those who have moved in have received their TV’s and/or heard about the tax abatement.

  34. Bop Says:

    I was told TVs should be in the next couple of weeks… You can get it in writing at your closing. The Tax abatement was passed and has been on the building for ~1yr. Overall they did a great job in the apt and have been very helpful in fixing anything after closing.

  35. PRIMO Says:

    Bop, do you know how long the tax abatement is approved for? Thanks…

  36. impatient Says:

    Anyone know why the trash chutes were locked this weekend and how the whole recycling thing (i.e., lots of large empty cardboard boxes as everyone moves in) is going to work in the building?

  37. Bop Says:

    No problem…15yr abatement and the last 5yrs it increases by 20% each year. IMP I think we don’t have a super yet to manage the garbage disposal system and recycling, this is a good question for Moses/High Life MGT. It looks like Moses has a team keeping up with it for now until we get established in the next month or soo…

  38. ah Says:

    I think we have to expect some growing pains initially. My question is, when/how does the management of the building become a permanent situation instead of Moses handling everything?

    Also, did the doorman situation change? I thought we only had someone 9-5 on the weekdays? There was a girl there Sunday and a guy this morning when I left at 8?

    And, how are packages going to be handled? Having a daytime doorman was great for handling that kind of stuff, but where does he put packages we receive?

  39. impatient Says:

    The doorman yesterday afternoon said his shift was 3pm -11pm. I overheard the real estate agent for the open house saying yesterday that the doorman would be there from 8am to 12am.

  40. Bop Says:

    ah I agree when everything settles the condo board will have to write up procedures and designate a locked closet that will have to hold all packages that do not fit in the mailbox. I was told we have a 16hr doorman, 8a-11p. I am hoping the sponsor or managing company will communicate to us when high line is managing 100% of the building.

  41. PRIMO Says:

    Thanks Bop….

    ah, right now they usually bring the package right up after it’s been drop off and leave it in the front of your door. They have yet to establish a package room.

  42. impatient Says:

    Speaking of procedures, the doorman last night mentioned that they are receiving newspapers at the front desk with no name or address so they don’t have any idea who they belong to. He said he would put up a sign, but if you want your paper, I suggest you have a quick chat with one of the doormen.

  43. PRIMO Says:

    Check your front door keys for the entrance of the building. I leave fairly early in the morning and the door is usually locked but opening the door is not easy and does not lock properly without shaking both door back and forth.

  44. ah Says:

    This is an aside, but I was thinking about bike storage. (After I get my washer and dryer, the utility room will no longer fit my bike)

    There seems to be plenty of room by the back door to the parking lot to fit a bike rack. This would be both secure and possibly under roof cover.

    Not a big expense, but I thought I’d put it out there for discussion.

  45. FancyPants Says:

    I am all for the bike rack. My husband and I also have ours in the utility room and will need that space as well…

    Also the bike rack would help to keep the elevators and hallways from getting dinged up by carrying our bikes up and down each day. Thanks for bringing it up.

  46. b.k. Says:

    a bike rack sounds like a great idea – particularly if it’s covered and in a well-lit location.

  47. ah Says:

    I’m currently trying to decide what to do with my windows. Out of curiosity, what are people thinking?

  48. impatient Says:

    I purchased solar shades with an additional roman shade for the bedroom. I haven’t received them yet, so I can’t comment on whether or not I made the right decision.

  49. carchrest Says:

    We have drapes for the bedroom on order (we’re on the I line and so have floor-ceiling windows. We’re going to do a solar type shade for the living room. Smith & Noble has always been good for us.

  50. impatient Says:

    Can anyone comment on cell phone reception and carrier in the building? My phone conked out before I could evaluate the situation, and I don’t want to buy another Sprint phone (and contract) if the reception is horrible. Any insight would be appreciated.

  51. ah Says:

    I have at&t, and it works just fine.

    Oh and, I got my washer and dryer this weekend. GE models, regular vented dryer. I bought one of those venting kits that is basically a box that you fill with water. Works pretty well. Don’t point the little vents on the box at your walls as they will begin to mist up. With the fan in the utility room running, it gets a little humid but is not as bad as after a hot shower. And it does tend to smell like dryer sheets more than a traditional venting setup. All in all, I think this is a perfectly acceptable option vs. a ventless dryer.

  52. carchrest Says:

    We have T-Mobile and reception has been fine as well.

    We also had our washer and dryer delivered, Whirlpool models, and we also went with regular vented dryer with a venting kit. We too are pleased with the venting kit set-up.

  53. pips Says:

    Had our final walkthrough today. The kitchen faucet was not installed, the balcony was badly damaged and will not be fixed “until it warms up”, and the door to the utility room was off and lying on the living room floor. This door used to open inward, which (I measured it) would pretty much prohibit any but the smallest of washers and dryers, and they would have to be stacked. Did anyone else notice this? Every closet door had been painted over the magnets, so the doors don’t stay closed. The baseboard by the kitchen island was broken off, revealing unpainted wood, and they tried to tell me it was fine and “normal” for five minutes. After all this the scratches in the granite counter and on the kitchen cabinets didn’t even seem like a big deal.

    They also flatly refused to hook up the water to the fridge ice maker — “A plumber will do this for $15 – $20” — hello, do you people live in the same city as I do? Try ten times that amount to get a plumber come to your apartment to do anything. Also as expected they will not be mounting the TVs, so there is another couple hundred bucks — any leads on who will do this?

    The building generally seemed pretty banged up — random furniture and paint cans all over the fourth floor, and the storage areas in the basement full of building supplies, etc. Also the floor molding in the hallways was cracked and shoddily fixed right outside our apartment door, which itself had paint splatters and several deep gouges in it. Overall quite disappointing for a final walkthrough. We close Thursday and the unit will not be livable then.

  54. impatient Says:

    Wow that’s really disappointing. Have you considered holding back money at the closing – especially for the balcony? Would you mind sharing what was wrong with it and how it was damaged if you know? I’d like to avoid the same fate if possible.

    The washer/dryer door did originally open in, but they took the door down and remounted it so it opens out. They did this without us pointing it out to them – although we did point it out to the broker.

  55. MotoGP Says:

    Wow, sorry Pips. Make sure you present a written punch with all items you list above to Deckelbaum and have him sign it at closing.

  56. ah Says:

    Yeah, that sucks. Hopefully they will fix everything to your liking.

    I’m confused about the washer/dryer issue that you guys are having with the utility room door. Mine swings into the utility room, and I still have more than enough room for the w/d. Granted I didn’t buy one of those huge LG models but it’s still a standard GE. I’m in a one bedroom on the F line.

    Good luck with your closing.

  57. pips Says:

    impatient: I think many of the problems I’m experiencing are because mine was the model unit. The balcony railing was removed and put back, but this leaves gaping holes where the other was attached. It looks terrible, and there is exposed metal where the old railing was that is rusting.

    Thanks, MotoGP. Will do.

    ah: You must have a bigger utility room than I do! I’m in a 2BR on the A line. I’m looking to get a fairly standard size w/d too. (Encouraging to hear that people are happy with venting kits, by the way!) I pointed out the door issue a year ago to the broker but again, since mine was the model unity, nothing was done. Every time I visited I asked that it be changed and yet they just started doing it last week.

  58. Bop Says:

    I got the Bosch washer and condenser dryer, paid $90 for the stacking shelf, saves a lot of room! The condenser dryer turns the steam into water and drains into the main drain behind the unit, helps avoid moisture issues in the apartment.

  59. PRIMO Says:

    We picked up the LG washer and dryer below and stacked them. i have to admit the vent kit does work very well with the laundry room vent turned on. My door also opens up inward pips and it clears the washer and dryer with no worries. i have a one bedroom G-line. Best of luck to you on your closing!!

  60. ah Says:

    that makes sense now. that A model unit was really nice though. great exposure. But I remember now, the utility room did seem slightly smaller. I would recommend a pocket door or a surface mounted sliding door. that way it doesn’t open into the hallway… a future project perhaps.

  61. pips Says:

    Closing went fine except for the closing costs — ouch! That was a pow right to the kisser and I’m still bleeding.

    Yes, I think the A units do have smaller utility rooms. Didn’t occur to me when I was looking around at first, of course. I suggest pocket doors (like 6 months ago) but no dice. Apparently the door opening into the hall is a fire hazard — but of course, in case of a fire, I don’t think that door will make much of a difference! Anyway, they’re putting the door in now to open outwards but it’s been a long process.

    It also occurs to me, after pulling into the parking lot a couple of times and finding my space taken every time, we might want to — tastefully and discreetly — number the spots? The reason I suggest this drastic measure is that Moses and Joshua couldn’t agree about the numbering of the spots, and since neither had a map handy to prove his point, I had to park in someone else’s spot — sorry!

    Anyway, sort of in the process of moving in now but as there is still work going on in the unity won’t be residing there until nearer the end of the month. The doormen I’ve met all seem very nice and helpful.

  62. carchrest Says:

    We have the Civic and were told in #8. If you think we have our spots mixed up-please let me know and we’ll fix it. Agreed on the numbering, fine with me.

  63. pips Says:

    No, it’s a minivan that looks like it hasn’t moved in a long time.

  64. impatient Says:

    Does anyone happen to know the name and brand of the paint that was used in our apartments? I’d like to do some touch ups, but haven’t seen Moses around the building to ask.

  65. lni Says:

    hi impatient: i was told the following for the wall paint. please let me know where you find it…

    Benjamin Moore

    Latex Eggshell Enamel Pastel Base C286 1B

  66. pips Says:

    Paint: What about the sort of putty-colored trim? Anyone know the specifics of this one?

    Also, random question, what is the deal with power / Con Ed and gas? Both power and gas are on in the unit, but I forget what the arrangement was for these.

  67. ah Says:

    Power is your responsibility, as the sign that was posted recently at the elevators noted. On that subject, has anyone received a Con Ed bill yet? I got mine, and let’s just say it was a surprise. About $120 for 16 days of service. And I was literally there for only half that time. It’s not like I’ve got heat lamps running or something.

    Gas, as I understand it, is part of the association fee, since the heat is gas.

    Thanks for the tip on the paint. That’s very helpful.

  68. Bop Says:

    Thanks Ah for the heads up on the Con Ed Bill… WOW that is a lot

  69. lni Says:


    question: our heater will be on and programmed to a certain temp and then all of a sudden it starts pushing out non-heated air (even though the temperature is falling below what the program is set to).

    we’re keeping an eye on it but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.

  70. ah Says:

    i’m not sure if this is your issue, but my thermostat will go from hold temp back to program mode. i’m assuming this is a normal feature. it holds temp for a preset amount of time, then defaults back to program.

  71. Bop Says:

    hey Ini I had the same issue where the system would start blowing out non heated air because the compressor was not kicking in… I would have to restart the system, by turning the switch on and off at the thermostat, which would reset the system. I had to do this multiple times… It may be an electronic issue… My system had to get rewired and new thermostat was installed, took about 4 days for the tech person to get it up and running smoothly, was not fun… It has been up and working ~ 2 weeks and the new thermostat is much better…. It will stay on the hold and not default back to program forever. Contact Moses and he will get a tech person to your apt… you may have to let the system run the cold air until the tech person comes, because inside the machine a code is sent out on the electronic board inidicating the error, resetting the machine will erase the code and the tech person will say the machine is fine. Let me know if this helps

  72. lni Says:

    ahhh awesome. good to know that this is the case. thank you!! will speak to moses about further investigation….

  73. impatient Says:

    Regarding paint – this is all listed on the back cover of the doormen’s notebook, but here’s what I found out.

    Ceiling – Latex flat white 202 01
    Wall – Pastel base C286 1B
    Latex eggshell enamel
    Trim/doors – satin imperro OC14

    I assume from the prior post that this all Benjamin Moore…

  74. pips Says:

    Thanks for paint info — very helpful!

  75. ah Says:

    anyone out there having issues with their floors buckling? mine are noticeably in the bedroom near the window wall. very annoyed.

  76. b.k. Says:

    my floors were buckling near the bedroom windows a few months ago as a result of a worker leaving the window open during a rain shower. i had a clause added to my contract requiring this be fixed before i signed the contract, and the floors have looked good during my walk-throughs. not sure what to recommend if you have already moved-in. good luck.

    i will say that the apartment was in very good shape during my walk-throughs, and that Moses and Josh were very professional.

  77. impatient Says:

    Another random question: has anyone found a grocery store nearby – that they would recommend?

  78. pips Says:

    People talk about Urban Rustic but I don’t if it qualifies a real grocery store. That’s the only thing that seems really close. There’s one over on Graham Ave. (not great, I used to use it when I lived that way), a good Key Food way down on Grand, and probably one on Manhattan Ave. up north of the park.

    Been living in Aqua for a few days now. Moses has been very helpful. The Mystery Machine (derelict minivan) has been removed from the parking lot, and most things in the apartment have been fixed (not the kitchen cabinets, which are doorless and shelfless — annoying because our kitchen stuff has to stay in boxed for the indefinite future.)

    There’s a vent in the bathroom ceiling that doesn’t seem to do anything — no switches affect it and it doesn’t make any noise. Moses says it’s “automatic” and is always running? But I don’t know what that means. But anyway I’ve generally been very pleased with the responsivity of Moses and his crews.

  79. pips Says:

    GROCERIES: Oh yeah, also a kind of expensive organic-y place just below Metropolitan at Union I think.

  80. ah Says:

    The vent in the bathroom is not mechanically ventilated with a fan. It is required by code to supply a way for air exchange to occur. It works by chimney affect and nothing else.

    The grocery store Sunac (or something) on Union and Metropolitan is the closest thing to a grocery store within 5 minutes walk. But it’s pretty expensive. I find going to Trader Joe’s pretty straightforward and a helluva lot cheaper.

  81. Bop Says:

    the vent in the bathroom throws in outside air, on the roof there is a mechanical fan.. I agree they should have installed a mechanical fan into each bathroom, as they did in the laundry room… an engineer should come in and review the offering plan against what was actually built and a legal letter should be drafted to the sponsor on what needs to be addressed within the next few months

  82. impatient Says:

    Bop – any idea what that would cost? Are we talking hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands?

  83. Bop Says:

    For a building our size it runs ~$10k to get a full inspection with a report. It’s money well spent to avoide future problems down the road. Everything is checked to make sure it is up to NYS code, done correctly…

  84. pips Says:

    Yes, I agree that hiring an engineer would be a good idea.

    Bathroom vent: I have been noticing a strange odor in the bathroom and suspect a bird may have found its way into (but not out of) the vent. Since this bathroom has a window I might like to close the vent off to test this.

  85. pips Says:

    Does anyone else’s stove still have the stickers on the sides? These protect it when it is being shipped, stored, etc., I guess, but now my stove is in and the stickers are still on and it seems like a *project* to pull my stove all the way out to take these stickers off…. Ideas?

  86. lni Says:

    pips: i just took and exacto knife and carefully cut around it. not the best solution but i didn’t want to pull the stove out.

    DOORS: so as you walk around the building you’ll notice that you can hear everyone in their apartments…i think this is because the threshold under the front doors is very big. we are thinking of getting a flap or increase the threshold size. if anyone has advice in this area that’d be great. otherwise, just a warning to you about the openness of it –and also heat & air escaping is no good for energy usage.

  87. ah Says:

    I installed a door sweep. Got it from Home Depot for like 8 dollars or something. It has a rubber sweep on it that I trimmed down to fit and screwed it to the door. I noticed the gap right away because of the sunlight coming in under the door in the afternoon. Very bright. I can’t say whether or not it helps isolate noise or not. But I just feel better with being able to fully close the opening.

  88. pips Says:

    DOORS:I was considering a sweep myself. Maybe the brush kind would absorb some noise as well. Was it hard to screw into the metal door?

    STOVE: The painter who works in the bldg (painting the elevator frames today) was in the apt. and he just pulled the stove right out and peeled the paper off.

    Still waiting for several kitchen cabinet doors and shelves, which makes it hard to unpack kitchen boxes, which makes it hard to feel settled… sigh.

  89. pips Says:

    SUPER: Anyone know how to get in touch with the super? I saw him once. I have an old couch (Ikea, light green) that i am getting rid of s my new one is arriving and I don’t know if I can just put it out with the trash. In my old neighborhood with lots of foot traffic it would have been picked up in five minutes, but I doubt the same applies to Leonard St.

  90. ah Says:

    The sweep wasn’t difficult to install. However, I am having a hard time with bath accessories. I’ve already torn the heads off of two screws trying to install a towel bar.

    Not sure about the couch. I’d say someone would take it off the street in no time.

  91. Bop Says:

    Give Sam 718-486-3131 x 108 a call at Highview and he will advise you on the day you can put the couch on the curb, there are certain days the city only takes large items.

  92. hey Says:

    this is such a great site.
    hope to get to meet you all at some point.
    wondering if anyone has had any problems installing things in the bathroom because of the slate walls? I’m afraid to drill into the walls…fearing that it might crack..but wondering if there are alternative ways to install things like a towel rack or cabinet etc..

  93. onetwo Says:

    To drill into the slate walls in the bathroom, you will need a diamond or carbide tipped drill bit. When drilling be careful not to put too much pressure on the drill bit or you may crack the tile–let the bit do the work for you. Also, if you keep the tile and bit cool with water the bit will last longer. It takes a while to get through the tile, so be patient. Finally, use hollow wall anchors to keep your fixtures in place.

    I installed several fixtures in my bathroom without cracking any tiles–good luck!

  94. ah Says:

    I would second the cooling of the drill bit with water. I managed to melt a carbide bit in about 5 minutes drilling two holes. But I did drill the holes with no cracks. (I went with attaching at the tile joint, rather than trying to drill directly into the tile)

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