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Power plant on W’burg/Greenpoint waterfront..

March 27, 2008

Got this email today from the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) . Not sure if it’s too late – but if you support the cause seems like worthwhile to help out – it only takes a few seconds.

“New York State still has not denied the application to build a 1,100 megawatt power plant on our Williamsburg/Greenpoint Brooklyn waterfront!

On Thursday, the application for the power plant is being considered again by state officials etc. etc…. ”

Click here to send a message to Stop the Power Plant now



March 25, 2008

Humidity in my apt is very low – hygrometer reads around 22%. Comfort level is supposedly around 40-45% – but apart from comfort level – this low level also may eventually impact the floorboards (mine are already showing some gaps i presume at least partially due to shrinkage related to the low humidity).

Anyone else notice this ? I presume all the apartments are in a similar situation ?

Anyone happen to know if there is a setting in our heating system that allows for some kind of humidity adjustment – I believe some systems do come with this..

Neighborhood Shops ?

March 25, 2008

All I have discovered so far is a great hardware store –

Crest True Value : 558 Metropolitan Ave (between Lorimer St & Union Ave) – (718) 388-9521 – Mon-Sat 8am-7pm

Anyone found a grocery/supermarket, pharmacy, anything else that might be useful ?


March 10, 2008

onetwo just raised a good point noting there could be drawbacks to posting security related topics for our building on a public website..

rather than delete those posts & stop posts/comments on those important topics – it would probably be better if i figure out how to make this site private – or something like that.
but for now i have pulled those posts – until i can figure something else out.

i’m open to suggestions.

Wish list

March 5, 2008
A bike rack, a closet/storage area for deliveries.. Anything else ?