Wish list

A bike rack, a closet/storage area for deliveries.. Anything else ?

13 Responses to “Wish list”

  1. lni Says:

    my wish would be:
    — a little fitness area with some basic cardio equipment
    — bike rack
    — nice seating pieces for the communal deck area

    i’d be willing to sacrifice an evening door person as well for just having a 9 to 6.

  2. impatient Says:

    I definitely agree with the delivery closet idea and am not opposed to a bike rack.

    How about
    – A grill on the patio
    – An easy approach to recycling
    – A way the doorman can call up to apartments from his desk without having to go back out between the entry doors.

  3. ah Says:

    A bellman’s dolly cart for transporting packages.

  4. carchrest Says:

    Good idea on the delivery closet. Not sure if we have any Fresh Direct customers, but a fridge for cold goods would be a plus.

    Like everything else and door release access for the doorman is just logical. Since the back door from the lot doesn’t seem to be locked all the time (and it should be-will call management company about this), brings to mind that video cameras at the front, back door, and garage would be good, logical safety measures. If there is no doorman on watch (at night), at least any incidents would be recorded.

    Does anyone know what they’re going to do with the appliances in the 2 units that are being turned into common areas? Not sure if they’re already purchased, but if they now belong to the building (condo association), proceeds from the sale of those items could pay for the wish list items.

  5. FancyPants Says:

    This is kind of a simple request. I would love it if the door man could keep a small box to hold any excess delivery menus dropped off when anyone in the building orders takeout. . . even if only for the first month or so that we all move in.

    I lived in my last apartment for 6 years and had quite an impressive collection of takeout menus I had to leave behind. It took years to find the ‘best of’ my old area. So I figure the sooner I get started. . .

    Also if anyone has suggestions on great pizza, chinese, italian. . .

  6. lni Says:

    grateful for the blog. lots of info here i had no idea about.

    * 2 units being turned into common areas? we had no idea. maybe a mini-gym will come to fruition!

    * i think if the front door locking /security system comes into place that will make things considerably safer. while it’s off line, i agree having a door person is a necessity.

    * why did this result in Louis being fired i wonder? we liked him. very helpful.

    * i second the recycling center request.

    * fancypants, here is a great resource for restaurants in the area by category and with reviews: http://www.freewilliamsburg.com/restaurants/index.html

  7. onetwo Says:

    should we discussing the security gaps of our building on this public website???

  8. Hey Says:

    My only concern with the ideas of extra amenities would be an increase in maintenance costs. As long as we can keep the maintenance low – would be on board, but would definitely like to see a cost analysis for any of these additional items that we would most likely not use on a regular basis. If it inherently increases the value of the condos that could be considered but would have to see.

    It is my understanding that Louis was let go because he signed in as being at the front desk and then left the building without calling anyone. We liked him too, but safety is imperative.

  9. Bop Says:

    The day to day tasks of running the building should be addressed first before we get into building a gym, buying patio furniture, which are all great ideas. The Condo is not established and the basics need to be addressed first.

    -I believe once a board is established an engineer needs to come in and review the building to make sure it is up to par and address any structural/mechanical issues with the sponsor ASAP. I know we all did punch lists for our own apartment, but the board needs to establish one for the whole building. There are some issues other than sloppy paint and cracked tiles in the hallway that need to be addressed….

    -2nd the board needs to sit down and go over the financials of the building and analyze the costs/income of the building
    -do we really need a 16hr doorman, possibly only 8am-6pm doorman
    – what are the pros and cons of staying with Highview MGT, what are the other options, what are there fees….
    – etc…………

    -3rd basic condo rules need to be set, for example, nobody should be screwing/installing anything into the exterior of the building, super should be present on all moves to avoid harm to common areas…..

    -4th recommend install security cameras at all entrances to the building

  10. sailor Says:

    i believe this space is an area for wishlist ideas which means we can voice ideas about our wishlist or any topic –so keeping the tone of the responses friendly is good. this list is not anything but an open forum and NOT an official decision making arena (esp since many aren’t participating here). i believe decisions are made at formal meetings soon to be. therefore, i don’t believe that certain things need to be addressed here first. everyone should write their ideas, concerns and wishes as they think of them.

  11. ah Says:

    i agree with sailor. this is an informal forum. it should be a place where we can vent and “think out loud”. as one poster put it, it’s pretty good therapy.

  12. Bop Says:

    Hey all I am not trying to make waves, sorry if it sounded that way… just voicing concerns

  13. primo Says:

    Some new apt. numbers for our doors instead of those paper cut outs.

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