onetwo just raised a good point noting there could be drawbacks to posting security related topics for our building on a public website..

rather than delete those posts & stop posts/comments on those important topics – it would probably be better if i figure out how to make this site private – or something like that.
but for now i have pulled those posts – until i can figure something else out.

i’m open to suggestions.


4 Responses to “Security”

  1. onetwo Says:

    At this point as a good deal of us seem to be moved in, your idea of a password protected site (or maybe a portion of the site) may be a good solution.

    Thanks for moderating this blog–it has been very helpful and therapeutic.

  2. J'er Says:

    We could just create a message board on Yahoo Groups which is password protected and only gives access to residents

  3. pips Says:

    Doorman Facilities: I know this appeared elsewhere on another thread, so apologies if this is a bit of a repeat.

    I think it is important that the doorman station have an electrical outlet and phone jack. The doorman should have a telephone to call the police etc., and it would be helpful for us occupants to have a number to put down for Fed Ex and other packages or deliveries.

    Right now the doormen can only use their own cellphones (which they have to pay for) — and there is nowhere to charge their phones. This way they could also use a laptop or whatever during slow periods, and we would always know how to reach them.

    I assume there will also be a mechanism for the doormen to call upstairs in case of visitors?

    I think these additions would make a big difference for the better.

  4. lni Says:

    last night i had some friends over and when they left they were “locked in”. you need a key to get out of the building after 11pm which might be a bit of a fire hazard. i hope they get the door situation complete soon 🙂

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