Humidity in my apt is very low – hygrometer reads around 22%. Comfort level is supposedly around 40-45% – but apart from comfort level – this low level also may eventually impact the floorboards (mine are already showing some gaps i presume at least partially due to shrinkage related to the low humidity).

Anyone else notice this ? I presume all the apartments are in a similar situation ?

Anyone happen to know if there is a setting in our heating system that allows for some kind of humidity adjustment – I believe some systems do come with this..


2 Responses to “Humidity”

  1. lni Says:

    i would be very interested in more information on this. i have felt very dry and my cat seems to be having a hard time with lack of moisture.

  2. Allen Says:

    I finally moved in this week and I felt extremely parched after my first night there. I’m getting a humidifier and also planning to air out my unit and make sure there’s some form of fresh air coming in.

    I remember an architect boss of my once said that all places need some form of ventilation, especially new places because of all the new materials. Best not to keep your unit airtight if you can…

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