Installation Tips /Questions ?


Onetwo just had a great tip re drilling into the slate tiles in the bathroom (copied  below).

The only thing I’ve discovered is that (i think) we have metal studs (instead of wood). I’m about to try and wall mount a TV (if anyone on the A line happens to have already discovered where the studs are in the master bedroom – that would be awesome! )

“To drill into the slate walls in the bathroom, you will need a diamond or carbide
tipped drill bit.  When drilling be careful not to put too much pressure on the
drill bit or you may crack the tile–let the bit do the work for you.  Also, if you
keep the tile and bit cool with water the bit will last longer.   It takes a while
to get through the tile, so be patient. Finally, use hollow wall anchors to keep
your fixtures in place.

I installed several fixtures in my bathroom without cracking any tiles–good luck!”


13 Responses to “Installation Tips /Questions ?”

  1. pips Says:

    Good tip! I’ll have to do this at some point too. Also interested to hear about people hanging their TVs.

    And a while agao someone at Highview mentioned a “homeowners’ meeting” — anyone hear more about this?

  2. bk Says:

    i haven’t gotten around to installing my tv, but hope to soon. does anyone know if the cable is already installed in the walls? (i.e. does the cable outlet in the walls of the living room and bedrooms indicate that everything is inside the sheetrock?)

    also, is Time Warner our only option?

  3. alvin611 Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean, bk. There’s a panel in your closet that houses telephone and cable connections coming into the unit. The ports in your wall are connected to that already. And yes, as far as I was told, Time Warner is the only option.

    On another note, does anyone out there know why they installed coaxial ports that have two connections? The cable guy didn’t seem to know. Is it one for your tv and the other for a modem, perhaps?

  4. impatient Says:

    when the guy came to install the cable, he said the other was for satellite. Not sure that’s the right answer either…

  5. impatient Says:

    On another note, I have a few questions that maybe someone can help me with –

    Has anyone done anything to the granite counter top? Does it need to be sealed?

    If you have a shower with the half glass partition, is there any trick to not flooding the bathroom every time you use it?

    Any word on when the much anticipated garbage shoot will be opened?

    It’s nice to finally start meeting everyone!

  6. Bop Says:

    The granite tops are sealed, I would use a granite polisher on it once a week and try and not use harsh cleaners such as Windex, sponge and hot water cleans it nice.

    The Satellite port is nice, allows 1 satellite dish to be setup on the roof and 1 wire to run down into the basement where everyone can plug their apartment line into. Our apartments are wired for satellite!

    The garbage shoot has been closed because people have been putting styrofoam and boxs which have been blocking it. HighView wants to wait until everyone has moved and the block on the 5th floor is removed.

  7. alvin611 Says:

    thanks bop.

    Question: Does that mean we’d be able to use the same satellite for the signal and pay for our own individual service?

    This is a stupid question, but is cooking gas included in our management fee? I can’t recall anyone telling me at any point that it wasn’t, only that we had to contact ConEd for power as soon as possible.

  8. impatient Says:

    Alvin611 I’m with you. I was puzzled by Highview’s marketing materials that arrived last week telling me to contact Keyspan. I think it was a form letter and they didn’t tailor it appropriately.

  9. Bop Says:

    From my understanding we would only need 1 satellite and we would pay for our own service. The gas is included in the management fee, no worries about contacting Con ed or Keyspan for Gas. We are on our own for electeric

  10. b.k. Says:

    does anyone know where the drainage hose from the washer gets connected in the laundry room?

    alternatively, can anyone recommend a plumber to install a washer/dryer?

  11. ah Says:

    there’s a circular knock out between the two water supply valves. when i had mine delivered from Home Depot, they installed the units. highly recommended. although, it may have come directly from GE somehow.

  12. b.k. Says:


  13. pq Says:

    impatient – i have the same half glass partition shower & have the same problem with water going everywhere.. i have not figured how to deal with that – except mopping it up after every shower.. that’s a big pain..
    great to hear if you figure something out for that!

    i hung the 42 inch panasonic tv – it went well..

    there are lots of resources/guides on the web – this one was good i thought:

    these screws were recommended by the guy at home depot and seemed to work well:

    I used this mount it worked well:

    i have a metal stud finder – and it didn’t work too well – had to experiment (with a very small drill bit) to make sure i knew exactly where they were.

    also bought some special kind of drill bit (i think tungsten tipped or something like that) at recommendation of home depot guy – not sure if was really needed – but it did take a while to get thru the stud so it felt like it did make sense..

    apart from that – (and a decent spirit level) was actually pretty easy..

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