Water Issues


I’m sure most people are aware already, but water service was out for the entire building for several hours this past saturday. It had something to do with an emergency on the street. Does anyone else have any more information? And is that issue somehow related to the lack of hot water starting last night?

On a semi-related front, I’m having an issue with fairly severe knocking when the faucet in the kitchen is suddenly shut off. I’m pretty sure this is due to a long run of pipe going back to the bathroom. I believe an arrestor would solve the problem, but I don’t believe this would be an easy fix. Anyone else having similar problems? None of us want a burst water pipe.


8 Responses to “Water Issues”

  1. Bop Says:

    DEP did a shutdown of water on the street to flush out the hydrants. The loss of water caused the pressure pumps in the basement to shut down. Once water was restored to the area the building was running off street pressure, which is not much. Mosses had to come in on Monday and restart the buildings pumps and water heating system.

  2. PRIMO Says:

    Yes…….i’m having the same problem when turning the water on and off in the kitchen. There is a huge bang in the walls and i’ve told moses about the situation.

  3. Bop Says:

    what did Moses say about it?

  4. pips Says:

    Since the DEP or whoever came last week, we’ve had no hot water. This is a dismal situation. Before the shutdown we had no hot water problems at all. No banging pipes though.

    It’s hard to have much confidence Moses will do anything in a timely fashion — for a month he’s been saying our kitchen cabinet doors would be arriving “tomorrow”. And yet, no kitchen cabinet doors. I understand he has a difficult job but it’s pretty frustrating.

  5. PRIMO Says:

    Bop-Moses said he’d look into it. It’s been about 2weeks now. And the banging has gotten much louder.

  6. alvin611 Says:

    I agree, the banging has gotten more noticeable. Mine now bangs sometimes when the dishwasher is running too.

  7. Bop Says:

    Primo I know it sucks, I had to nag Moses multilple times to get something done, I would stay on top of him.

    I have found it best to contact Mosses and Sam (High View) when we lost hot water. If it is not during regular business hours call the emergency number. Residents have left MULTIPLE complaints with the doorman, but they do not do anything except log it in a book or call their boss, which is not the MGT company (procedures need to be changed). Both times when we have lost hot water (yesterday and last wknd) nobody contacted the MGT service for hours and they said I was the only one complaining. I met with the heating tech rep yesterday and the hot water ciculating pump shutdown….. We need to get the word out to call the MGT company when there is an issue with the common area elements.

  8. pips Says:

    I emailed Sam this morning (couldn’t find the phone #) when there was no hot water, and heard nothing.

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