Meet your neighbors


Seeing as more and more people have been moving in, we were wondering if others were interested in meeting on the common deck for a little “Meet your Neighbors” on Saturday afternoon.


6 Responses to “Meet your neighbors”

  1. impatient Says:

    definitely interested in meeting the neighbors

  2. carchrest Says:

    How about 5? BYO?

  3. impatient Says:

    that works. I don’t need too much of an excuse to be outside today.

  4. pips Says:

    Missed it, away for the weekend…

  5. wodny Says:

    Did anyone else receive, or is anyone familiar with, a Notice of Revised Property Value from the Department of Finance? It states that “ten days from the date of this notice, the Commissioner of Finance will change the value of the property above as follows”. It indicates that the changes are a result of “alterations, improvements or demolitions.” I assume this means that the property tax that we pay will now be higher, but I’m not sure how the whole 421a abatement plays into the whole thing. Any ideas?

  6. ah Says:

    Would anyone care to give a quick recap for those that missed the homeowner’s meeting last night?

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