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Cleaner / Housekeeper

May 3, 2008

Can any recommend a cleaner /housekeeper service?

thx in advance.


First homeowners meeting recap

May 1, 2008

Sam from Highview chaired last nights meeting – it seemed pretty well attended – but for those who missed it – a brief recap:

* A number of people volunteered to be on the 5 person board – and all present cast votes.

* Sam mentioned that despite the hot water going out several times our heating maintenance people believe there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the hot water system – it is just somehow getting switched off. They are locking that area down for a period of time to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

* There was some discussion about issues people were having in their apartments, and issues with the common areas & building in general. Sam said the sponsor has assured him that the key things that need fixing are in progress.

Next steps – on Friday  Sam will send out an email advising who the elected board members are  then at some point the board will set up the first meeting.