First homeowners meeting recap


Sam from Highview chaired last nights meeting – it seemed pretty well attended – but for those who missed it – a brief recap:

* A number of people volunteered to be on the 5 person board – and all present cast votes.

* Sam mentioned that despite the hot water going out several times our heating maintenance people believe there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the hot water system – it is just somehow getting switched off. They are locking that area down for a period of time to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

* There was some discussion about issues people were having in their apartments, and issues with the common areas & building in general. Sam said the sponsor has assured him that the key things that need fixing are in progress.

Next steps – on Friday  Sam will send out an email advising who the elected board members are  then at some point the board will set up the first meeting.


5 Responses to “First homeowners meeting recap”

  1. caroline Says:

    Thanks for the update.

  2. Bop Says:

    I did not want to bring it up at the meeting, but Sam was not telling everything… Steven the heating rep met with me twice during the hot water outages, for some reason I was the go to guy. He said the system was kicking off internally and he took me up to the roof to show me the boiler that was turning off and he has to take it apart internally. The other issue is our building super advise me that he works in 2 other buildings so we have to make sure we are not getting overcharged, I consider this not a full time super. He comes in a couple times week to take care of trash and vacuum. I think this is great because our building does not require too much maintinace and we will save money!

  3. Philip Ryan Says:

    Bop: Interesting! We’ll have to keep that in mind about the super. The boiler situation is worrisome. Sam’s explanation that someone was going down and turning it off doesn’t make too much sense.

  4. Bop Says:

    Yeah the heating rep went over everything with me, it is a electronic issue on the 3rd boiler. Also not too happy it takes Highview 6 hours to contact the service reps on an emergency….. I called the emergency line at 11am on Sunday and the service rep informed me he did not get the call until ~5p from High View . The rep just smiled when I told him I called over 6hrs ago. The High View MGT person on call during during off hours does respond tooo fast (Louis).. the answer from Louis was that he did not have phone service……

    -I do have some experience with moving into new construction buildings and condo boards, I will pass along to the new board a mechanical engineer team that reviews new construction buildings. They review the building from top to bottom and make sure everything is up to code/offering plan/ general standard and they produce a punch list for the board that reviews the issues with the sponsor. Not forcing it but highly recommended….
    – I can also forward a copy of board rules that the building could use as a general frame…
    -If anyone from the board/resident feels like talking more about how to get the building up and running feel free to send me an email, I would be happy to give some advice to the board/residents.

  5. Bop Says:

    sorry my email is

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