Cleaner / Housekeeper


Can any recommend a cleaner /housekeeper service?

thx in advance.


3 Responses to “Cleaner / Housekeeper”

  1. wodny Says:

    Clean Green Maids is located just down the street on Leonard. Their number is 718 383 0875. When I spoke to the woman there, she said that they bring all of their own supplies (except for a toilet bowl cleaner). I think she quoted $110 for 3 hours of cleaning for a 2 bedroom/2 bath. We ended up going with a friend of a friend of a friend.

  2. caroline Says:

    I used a cleaner called Lourdes, her number is 6467325273.
    She charged $70 for 2 hours of cleaning and did a great job. I have a 1 bedroom.

  3. pq Says:

    We tried a few – and finally found a great cleaner – Kazmiera 646 388 2127. $80 for 2 bedroom/2bath – we are very happy with her.

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