Pool events


Looks like – free pool party (bands) on Sundays & free movies on Tuesdays throughout July & August. Then a few other $ bands on various days throughout Jul & Aug.

Food/drink, lawn chairs are prohibited, and they are selling hot dogs & beer inside.

Here is the link – http://www.mccarrenpark.com/

Summary of what the schedule looks like so far.

Tue, Jun 10 Band – Death Cab For Cutie – Show at 7PM – 42
Fri, Jun 20 Band – Gogol Bordello – Doors at 6PM – 35
Thu, Jun 26 Band – Devo – Show at 6PM – 52
Sun, Jun 29 Pool Party – Hold Steady – 2pm-dusk – Free
Sat, Jul 05 Band – Armin van Buuren – 4:30PM – 40
Sun, Jul 06 Pool Party – Ronnie Spector – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Jul 08 Movie – Wet Hot American Summer – sunset – Free
Sun, Jul 13 Pool Party – Headline: TBA & Matt + Kim – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Jul 15 Movie – The Virgin Suicides – sunset – Free
Thu, Jul 17 Band – DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist – 6:30PM – 35
Sun, Jul 20 Pool Party – Liars – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Jul 22 Movie – Desperately Seeking Susan – sunset – Free
Fri, Jul 25 Band – Ween – Show at 7PM – 37.5
Sun, Jul 27 Pool Party – MGMT – 2pm-dusk – Free
Sun, Aug 03 Pool Party – Black Lips – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Aug 05 Movie – 28 Days Later – sunset – Free
Thu, Aug 07 Band – The Black Keys – 6.30pm – 29.5
Sun, Aug 10 Pool Party – TBA – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Aug 12 Movie – Blue Velvet – sunset – Free
Wed, Aug 13 Band – Wilco – Doors at 5pm – 39.5
Sun, Aug 17 Pool Party – Aesop Rock – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Aug 19 Movie – Velvet Goldmine – sunset – Free
Sun, Aug 24 Pool Party – tba – 2pm-dusk – Free
Tue, Aug 26 Movie – Rushmore – sunset – Free

5 Responses to “Pool events”

  1. pips Says:

    This should be a new post but I forget my login, sorry.

    A note about the parking lot: Please keep an eye on your guests that you let park in the lot and tell them they must let the owner, i.e. you, know about any incidents in the lot. I say this because my car, in spot #10, was sideswiped by a silver or white SUV parked in spot #9 about two weeks ago. It is a car that as far as I know was here for only one night, and several days passed before I noticed the damage. It is a tight lot and can be difficult for newcomers to maneuver, but this is the sort of irritating thing that shouldn’t happen in a gated parking lot with assigned spots.

  2. tear Says:

    are we not allowed on the roof? it’s nice to pop up there to see the skyline or get a peek at the pool show crowd. can’t there be a small designated section for that?

    does anyone know of the next meeting? or if a bike rack is on the horizon?

  3. wodny Says:

    I think it’s a great idea to be able to have use of the roof, however, I noticed signs this weekend that say no one is allowed up there. I don’t think it says who determined this is the case. Perhaps this is something our board members could discuss as I think it adds a lot of value to the building even though people typically don’t use it much.

  4. Bop Says:

    I agree too we do have a nice roof top, but I believe it’s not built for foot traffic. Pavers need to be installed on the walking areas to avoid wear on the tar paper, as the common area above the parking garage has. Any unnecessary foot traffic wears down the tar seams/tar paper, which create leaks and voids the warranty on roof. Hopefully in the future it can be outfitted for a common area because the views are awesome!

  5. Steve Dean Says:

    Wow – I can’t believe Devo is still around. After that swifer commercial, I figured they had all given up the ghost.

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