Air conditioning problem..


The AC in my apt  is  working in the bedrooms but not in the living room.  I’m on the A line – maybe just a problem on that line ?  Anyone else having AC problems ?  I have not had any success in getting a response re this or my punch list items..


4 Responses to “Air conditioning problem..”

  1. wodny Says:

    We’re on the A line, and while the air conditioning is super loud when it kicks on in the bedroom, it definitely works in all of the rooms.

  2. Bop Says:

    Give Pro Air a call and they will come and check out the unit. Moses has a contract with them for the units under warranty in our apts. Ask for Josh 347-739-4045

  3. pq Says:

    thx wodny/ bop – i did eventually get pro air contact – they advised to flip off the power switch for 5 mins.. that worked. (btw wodny – it’s super loud in the bedroom for me too. )

    fyi for A line people – seeing as there isn’t a dedicated switch near the vent in the living room – if u need to do this u have to use the breaker in the power box – it’s labelled AC.

  4. js Says:

    Sorry to post in this thread off topic (can’t figure out how to post a new topic), but is anyone else having issues with how their sink drains? We haven’t let anything big get in there, but it seems always to be clogged and is just getting worse.

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