Lighting in the common areas (another wish list item)


It pains me to still see all the ceiling lights on in the hallways during the daytime. Wasn’t there talk of putting this on a timer system?

I want to see our monthly charges increase as little as possible and if this helps, I think we should insist on this asap.


9 Responses to “Lighting in the common areas (another wish list item)”

  1. tear Says:

    i agree. i would love to find other ways to reduce energy as well, not just for cost, but to avoid wastefulness.

  2. wodny Says:

    Random change of subject, but I thought I’d point out that Aqua is in “The Hunt” in the New York Times Real Estate section this weekend.

  3. PRIMO Says:

    I’m not sure if I’m the only one who feels like this but…. perhaps we should be looking into a hiring different management company. From the little details like our “House Rules” that were not even tailored for our building to the bigger things such as overall building maintenance and just maybe we’ll get the common area patio furniture in the winter when we can really use it. Or maybe our AC’s in the hall way and apartments will finally start working correctly.
    If this is any indication of how they operate I personally think it’s in our best interest to find a new company.

  4. alvin611 Says:

    This isn’t precisely on-topic, but someone just made a point to me about our entry system that I thought we should bring up with management. It’s great to have the key fobs and such working finally, but it presents the problem in case of a power outage. How/can we get out of the building?

  5. Bop Says:

    You can exit through the glass door in the parking garage. That door is not magnetic.

  6. alvin611 Says:

    Yes, I realize there is the parking lot exit, but in an emergency there should be two exits.

  7. Bop Says:

    I am not sure if the magnetic system on the doors shuts down when electric is lost to the system, give Sam a call. Hopefully we never lose power.

  8. alvin611 Says:

    thanks, bop. I really should have thought that through.

    On another note, now that we’re two months into “AC” weather, has anyone gotten what they think are outrageous power bills? Mine for the last two months have been in the neighborhood of 200 dollars. My air conditioning is usually set to 81 when I’m home. (about 1/3 of the time)

    Would anyone mind sharing what their bills are coming out to be? Mine have always seemed high and I’m concerned that more circuits are running through my meter than just my apartment.

  9. Bop Says:

    My monthly Elec Bill is ~$75 a month, my apt is ~700 SQFT. I keep the AC off when I am not home (during the day & WKNDs). Also I noticed it helps to keep bathroom and laundry room doors closed because the fresh air vents will blow in outside air.

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