Electricity Bills


Anyone having issues – my latest is $479!! I’m digging into this – but I presume something is wired up badly.

Initially my apt was associated with the wrong meter – and  I was getting billed for an empty apt (btw – empty apt was $30/mth not sure how that’s possible)  when they tried to cut off power to that apt – it shut off mine, and I was without for 24hrs. They got power back on (Coned blamed the builder and vice versa of course..) and alleged to have fixed everything. However today is my first ‘clean’ bill – the rest are a combination of undercharging, catchups, & estimates…

I have the same usage patterns as my old apt in the city (and more energy efficient devices) and that was around $100/mth. The only difference is the AC unit – but i don’t believe it can account for the balance of $379..


7 Responses to “Electricity Bills”

  1. alvin611 Says:

    ok, so clearly there’s an issue. The woman I spoke to at ConEd suggested unplugging everything (not just turning off), and checking the meter to see if its still reading usage. If it is, then they would send someone out to do an audit.

    Also, i noticed this morning that the air has been turned on in the hallway. (not really a fan of this, since we have windows out there)

  2. wodny Says:

    Our bill was under $200 for a two bedroom apartment for the last two months. We turn the air conditioning way up (warmer) during the day.

  3. pq Says:

    Coned revised my bill from $479 down to $240 – said they accidentally had the wrong starting balance due to the previous issues. $240 is better but still pretty high.. Hopefully raising temps on the ac (or shutting off) when out of the apt will get it down to acceptable level..

  4. wodny Says:

    New topic – with the nice weather, we’ve been keeping the windows open and I am being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Does anyone know if it’s possible to put screens on our windows, or at least the type of windows we have?

  5. ah Says:

    i had thought about this, and the only thing i could come up with was a roll-down screen on the inside of the window. i’ve seen it in places, and it can be done fairly discreetly where you don’t see much of a frame. but i didn’t look into manufacturer’s.

  6. ah Says:

    this is what i was thinking of:


  7. caroline Says:

    Thanks for commenting on the Con Ed bill. Mine is pretty high aswell. $173.00 for one month…I have a one bedroom. I’ll look into whether that is correct.

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