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Light Bulbs

February 14, 2009

Has anyone had any success with replacing their MR16 bulbs (in the kitchen and bathroom ceiling) with either compact fluorescent or LED bulbs? I tried a cf bulb and it just didn’t provide enough light.


Electricity Bills

August 5, 2008

Anyone having issues – my latest is $479!! I’m digging into this – but I presume something is wired up badly.

Initially my apt was associated with the wrong meter – and  I was getting billed for an empty apt (btw – empty apt was $30/mth not sure how that’s possible)  when they tried to cut off power to that apt – it shut off mine, and I was without for 24hrs. They got power back on (Coned blamed the builder and vice versa of course..) and alleged to have fixed everything. However today is my first ‘clean’ bill – the rest are a combination of undercharging, catchups, & estimates…

I have the same usage patterns as my old apt in the city (and more energy efficient devices) and that was around $100/mth. The only difference is the AC unit – but i don’t believe it can account for the balance of $379..

Cleaner / Housekeeper

May 3, 2008

Can any recommend a cleaner /housekeeper service?

thx in advance.

First homeowners meeting recap

May 1, 2008

Sam from Highview chaired last nights meeting – it seemed pretty well attended – but for those who missed it – a brief recap:

* A number of people volunteered to be on the 5 person board – and all present cast votes.

* Sam mentioned that despite the hot water going out several times our heating maintenance people believe there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the hot water system – it is just somehow getting switched off. They are locking that area down for a period of time to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

* There was some discussion about issues people were having in their apartments, and issues with the common areas & building in general. Sam said the sponsor has assured him that the key things that need fixing are in progress.

Next steps – on Friday  Sam will send out an email advising who the elected board members are  then at some point the board will set up the first meeting.


April 30, 2008

I really like that we have some dogs in the building. I’d like to get one myself someday, and was wondering if anyone in the building has a dog walker that they really like or is capable of adding a dog or two to their walks during the day.

Notice of Revised Property Value

April 25, 2008

Did anyone else receive, or is anyone familiar with, a Notice of Revised Property Value from the Department of Finance? It states that “ten days from the date of this notice, the Commissioner of Finance will change the value of the property above as follows”. It indicates that the changes are a result of “alterations, improvements or demolitions.” I assume this means that the property tax that we pay will now be higher, but I’m not sure how the whole 421a abatement plays into the whole thing. Any ideas?