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Lighting in the common areas (another wish list item)

July 17, 2008

It pains me to still see all the ceiling lights on in the hallways during the daytime. Wasn’t there talk of putting this on a timer system?

I want to see our monthly charges increase as little as possible and if this helps, I think we should insist on this asap.


Wish list #2

July 1, 2008

This may be a big deal to fix – but it seems like it would make more sense if the door to the trash/recycling room on each floor opened out instead of in. On my floor it is usually open – and is the first thing guests see when stepping out of the lift! Typically it’s open because once there are few items stacked up the door tends to have to stay open so you can get stuff in – and the super can get stuff out. This has been made worse due to all the chute blockages -but still seems like it could be a good idea anyway.

Wish list

March 5, 2008
A bike rack, a closet/storage area for deliveries.. Anything else ?