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Electricity Bills

August 5, 2008

Anyone having issues – my latest is $479!! I’m digging into this – but I presume something is wired up badly.

Initially my apt was associated with the wrong meter – and  I was getting billed for an empty apt (btw – empty apt was $30/mth not sure how that’s possible)  when they tried to cut off power to that apt – it shut off mine, and I was without for 24hrs. They got power back on (Coned blamed the builder and vice versa of course..) and alleged to have fixed everything. However today is my first ‘clean’ bill – the rest are a combination of undercharging, catchups, & estimates…

I have the same usage patterns as my old apt in the city (and more energy efficient devices) and that was around $100/mth. The only difference is the AC unit – but i don’t believe it can account for the balance of $379..